I did not receive the email verification code. What should I do?

Please check the Promotions, Updates and/or Junk folders in your inbox.

I let the app use my location but can’t proceed to the next step. What do I do?

Please restart the app 

I shared Bluetooth permission but can’t proceed to the next step. What do I do?

Please restart the app

I shared camera access but can’t proceed to the next step. What do I do?

Please restart the app.

I couldn’t verify my account with my QR code. What do I do?

Double-check the QR code was properly scanned. If the issue persists, tap on ”enter code manually” to enter the verification code and QR code in the XXX-XXX format. If this still does not work, reach out to customer support! We're here to help.

The verification process failed. What should I do?

Make sure your smartphone has an internet connection. Restart your app if the issue persists. If the issue persists, reach out to customer support at haihelp@gethai.com! We're here to help.

I'm having trouble connecting/pairing to Bluetooth.

Let's rekindle this connection! Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is turned on in your phone's settings, you're near your hai shower, and the shower's Bluetooth is powered on (you may need to turn the water on and keep it running till the pairing process is complete).

My recent showers don't appear in the app.

Your shower data transfers every time there's a successful connection between your hai app and showerhead.

If the app isn't connected, your shower sessions will be saved and transferred the next time you connect.

Next time you shower, make sure the hai app is open and your phone is within range. Make sure your phone's Bluetooth is on and that it's connected to the internet. It'll take up to 5 min. after your shower to see your data in the app!

I'm still having syncing issues. What should I do?

Please unpair your showerhead, then pair it again.
Unpairing Steps: Go to "My hai" -- Go to "Product Info" -- "Unpair"

My LED light preferences didn't update. What should I do?

You should see your new preferences during your next shower. If you don't see them then, please reach out to us at haihelp@gethai.com and we'll help you get sorted! 

Why won't my shower LED light turn on?

Make sure that the LED alerts in your app settings are enabled and turned. These features may have been disabled. As the LED hai lights are powered by water flow, also make sure that your shower is turned on to generate the energy to power the lights.

My firmware update isn't installing. What should I do?

Please keep the water running and make sure your Bluetooth on your phone is turned on, the phone is online and close to the showerhead. If the issue still persists, please reach out to our customer support at haihelp@gethai.com