How do I customize my water usage goals and temperature alerts?

Head over to the "My hai" section in the app. You can change your alerts and LED colors here. Note: You must be connected to Bluetooth to update and save your changes.

How do I get the data from my showerhead?

For iOS, this should be automatic! Right after you shower, as long as your phone is connected and within range of your showerhead, the data is sent to the app within a couple of minutes.

For Android, it could take slightly longer to get your latest shower data on the app (15 minutes max.). We recommend keeping your phone within range of your showerhead with the app open in the background for syncing.

How do you calculate how much energy I save in each shower session?

We measure the amount of energy it takes to heat up your water – from shower start to finish. The energy usage (displayed in kWh) just indicates the amount of heat the consumed water contained. It doesn't consider factors like heating efficiency or heat loss through transportation.

Energy consumption is calculated with flow volume and water temperature. Here's the formula: (Water Quantity x (Average Shower Temperature - Temperature at Shower Start) x Heating Capacity).

How do you calculate how much water I save in each shower session?

We measure the amount of water used in the shower session, then compare it with the US national average of 20 gallons.

What is kWh?

kWh stands for kilowatt-hours, a unit of energy representing 1,000 watt hours.

Is my energy and water consumption high or low? What is "normal"?

We have considered average water usage is roughly 20 gallons and average temperature is 105°F.

But everyone has a different baseline; make improvements at your own pace. Check out the hai app to see your baseline and set the kind of goals that work for you.

How do you calculate water usage?

We measure the total amount of water used in every shower session. For other time intervals, session-specific information is aggregated based on the chosen time interval.

You can view your most recent session on the hai Flow dashboard, or drill down into average sessions with daily, weekly, monthly, and annual views!

How is energy used as I shower? How can I improve my energy usage?

It takes energy to heat your water. You can take shorter or cooler showers to save energy. Cooler showers have proven benefits for healthier skin and shinier hair – great for you, and great for the planet!

If I pause my shower, will it count as multiple sessions?

If you pause your shower for less than 3 minutes and then restart it, it will log as the same shower session. So feel free to save that water! Pause as the need arises for a cleaner, greener wash.

Why were two separate showers logged as one?

If two showers are less than 3 minutes apart, they'll be counted as the same shower session.

This is intentional to account for shower pauses like lathering up or applying your favorite hair mask.

Why does my water temperature LED light alert come on before my mobile alert?

The water temperature sound alert (via mobile) might have some delays from the LED visual alerts caused by Bluetooth connection delays.

Is my smartphone compatible with the hai app?

You need an iOS or Android compatible smartphone (iOS13 and above or Android 9 and above).

Why do I need a verification code?

It's our way of keeping your account secure! The verification code is an alphanumeric, 6-digit security code that is used to prevent cases of unauthorized access to your showerhead.

Why does the app need camera access?

Your verification code is embedded in your QR code. We need your camera access to read it. If you don't want to share your camera access, you can enter the verification code manually instead – just tap “enter code manually”.

Why do I need to turn on location services?

For all users, we want to give you the full hai experience and we leverage your location to do just that! We'll provide interesting insights on water and energy usage based on your local community.

For user's on Android, the newer versions of Android require any app that uses Bluetooth be granted location access. You will not be able to proceed further without enabling location services.

How can I report an app issue/bug?

Please email to share what you see! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.