What kind of metrics can I track with my new smart shower?

You can track water and energy used overtime (based on water temperature) as well as time spent in the shower.

How does hai help me save water and energy?

The hydro-powered turbine tracks water and energy used over time. The turbine powers our Bluetooth technology that broadcasts that data to our mobile app. You can track your usage and set LED alerts on the showerhead using our hai mobile app to help you improve your water usage at your own pace.

Can I change my LED alert colors?

Yes! All hai LED alerts can be customized with the color of your choice (along the RGB scale) or turned off altogether. Go to your hai app settings to customize your light show!

How do I know if my Bluetooth is paired during my showers?

The Bluetooth LED indicator is on your showerhead. If it is not paired, it will flash blue at the end of your shower. If it is paired, you will see a steady blue hold and turn off.

How do I make sure my showerhead tech is up to date?

It's all in the hai app! We'll notify you when updates are needed to your showerhead's hai tech system and provide seamless over-the-air updates as we roll out new features and more functionalities!

How is the shower powered?

Each hai shower houses a hydro-powered micro-turbine which generates energy from water flow alone! 

How long will the showerhead store my data?

The moment the showerhead transfers your shower data to your app, it will be removed from the showerhead and live on the app.

If the data does not successfully transfer to your app, the showerhead will be able to store it for up to 100 showers (after that, it starts overwriting your previous showers, starting from the oldest).
Give up to 5 min for your most recent shower data to transfer onto your app!

How many days will my showerhead store data without syncing before the data is lost?

Your showerhead will store up to 100 shower sessions before memory starts to overwrite your oldest session. When it starts to overwrite your sessions, it will replace the oldest shower with the newest shower, every time.

How many users can connect their mobile device to my showerhead's Bluetooth?

It can only be paired to one device at a time, but it can be paired to an "unlimited" number of mobile devices!

Is this device waterproof?

Yes! All technology is enclosed in waterproof protection to make sure everything is functional and safe.

What do the different LED lights mean?

The default LED alerts are set to tell you that the water is warm at 90°F with a green light for "go". When you've used about 17 gallons, the light will turn orange to signal it's almost time to get out of the shower. Both of these colors can be customized in settings!

What is the Bluetooth range of the shower/how far can I go before my phone gets disconnected?

The Bluetooth broadcasting range is 10m, line of sight. Thick walls between the devices can affect signal and connectivity.

Why do I need to turn on the shower to connect to the Bluetooth?

If it’s been more than one hour after the last shower, you need to turn it on to make the showerhead discoverable. Your hai showerhead runs on hydro power.

Will my shower session end if I pause or turn my shower off momentarily?

No. You can turn off your shower for a pause of up to 3 minutes without losing your current shower data. After 3 minutes, the hai tracker will consider your shower to be finished.

Will my shower work if the Bluetooth on showerhead isn't working?

Yes, your shower will work – except the LED and tracking capabilities.

When will the power-generating turbine need to be replaced?

The turbine is designed to last the lifetime of the product under use (10 years, 15,000 shower cycles). However, after installation, if your hai shower sits idle for over a year, the battery will die. So make sure to keep clean, shower on!

Why does this showerhead flow feel different from my old showerhead?

You may have had a showerhead with a different gallons-per-minute flow rate than the one you purchased. Recently, some states have enacted tighter restrictions on showerhead water flow, so your old showerhead might have a higher flow than what's now legally allowed to be sold.