at hai, our mission is to do good for you and the planet.

Our impact

We’re more than just your average shower — hai is a movement to understand and own your environmental impact like never before. By embracing the intersection of smart technology and sustainability, we’re minimizing your daily shower’s impact on the planet.

Our first-of-its-kind tools help you monitor your shower's water and energy usage to help you make a difference for your community and planet.

Our promise to you is continued innovation to create a more sustainable and better future, in and out of the shower.

Watersense Certified
WaterSense products are 20% more efficient than conventional products. Our certification indicates that hai uses less water without compromising the shower experience.

Carbon neutral
hai is a trusted sustainability product on Amazon. Carbon neutral by ClimatePartner certifies the carbon footprint of a product was calculated and all associated emissions were offset.

4,000,000 gallons

The total amount of water saved by our hai community to date.
That's 200 swimming pools!

In the United States, we use more than 1.2 trillion gallons of water just for showering. By joining the hai revolution, you are working with thousands of other showerers nationwide in making a difference for our planet.

a shower that pays you back

It’s true: you can save money by showering. Switch your showerhead to hai and save 30% more water – that can add up to $200 on your annual water bill

Own your impact

Be your very own conservation coach with the hai app. Track your water and energy usage over time and get notified by personalized LED alerts when you’ve reached your water target.

Offset yourself

Did you know hai is the only appliance in your home that generates its own electricity? hai offsets its own carbon footprint through a one-of-a-kind shower-powered turbine.

The total package

hai showerheads arrive at your doorstep in their recyclable product boxes to cut down on unnecessary shipping waste. We use 100% water-dissolvable wrappers for our hai infusions. Toss the wrapper onto your shower floor and watch it disappear with the water.

hai x clean the world

Together with Clean the World Foundation, we believe every single person deserves to have access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. Clean the World Foundation’s Fresh Start WASH & Wellness Program provides showers to those in need, giving thousands of individuals a renewed sense of hope and dignity.

hai Smart Showerheads are installed at mobile shower locations in Las Vegas, NV and Orlando, FL. We will continue to outfit the remaining mobile showers in locations across the United States moving forward.