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Smart Showerhead

Each hai spa shower houses a hydro-powered micro-turbine which generates energy from water flow alone!

Our hai luxury shower heads are built to fit majority of the standard US wall shower arms!

If for any reason, our hai showerheads do not work for your configuration, please reach out to customer support at We're here to help!

You need a smartphone compatible with iOS or Android platforms. On iOS, the App supports version 13 and above. On Android, the App supports version 9 and above.

The EPA's WaterSense certification is awarded for eco-efficient showerheads using less water without compromising the shower experience.

Our 1.8 gpm showerheads do exactly that, requiring less water for the same amazing hai shower!

The hydro-powered turbine tracks water and energy used over time. The turbine powers our Bluetooth technology that broadcasts that data to our mobile app.

You can track your usage and set LED alerts on the 1.8 or 2.5 gpm shower head using our hai mobile app to help you improve your water usage at your own pace.

You can track water and energy used overtime (based on water temperature) as well as time spent in the shower.

Yes! All hai LED alerts can be customized with the color of your choice (along the RGB scale) or turned off altogether.

Go to your hai app settings to customize your light show!

The Bluetooth broadcasting range is 10 meters, line of sight. Thick walls between the devices can affect signal and connectivity.

Free standard shipping in the continental US (except Hawaii and Alaska).

Order by December 20th for guaranteed pre-holiday delivery!

Yes! All technology is enclosed in waterproof protection to make sure everything is functional and safe.

It can only be paired to one device at a time, but it can be paired to an "unlimited" number of mobile devices!

The turbine is designed to last the lifetime of the product under use (10 years, 15,000 shower cycles).

However, after installation, if your hai shower sits idle for over a year, the battery will die. So make sure to keep clean, shower on!

The moment the smart shower head transfers your shower data to your app, it will be removed from the showerhead and live on the app.

If the data does not successfully transfer to your app, the showerhead will be able to store it for up to 100 showers (after that, it starts overwriting your previous showers, starting from the oldest).

Give up to 5 min for your most recent shower data to transfer onto your app!

It's all in the hai app! We'll notify you when updates are needed to your showerhead's hai tech system and provide seamless over-the-air updates as we roll out new features and more functionalities!

You may have had a showerhead with a different gallons-per-minute flow rate than the one you purchased. Recently, some states have enacted tighter restrictions on showerhead water flow, so your old showerhead might have a higher flow than what's now legally allowed to be sold. 


Try loosening your showerhead with your hands by twisting it counterclockwise.

If this does not work, you can try using a wrench or the vinegar method below!

1. fill a plastic bag with white vinegar,

2. wrap the bag around the showerhead so that it's completely submerged

3. secure the bag to the shower arm with rubber bands

4. wait a few hours to let the vinager descale the buildup on the showerhead

5. remove the bag and twist off the showerhead counterclockwise by hand or wrench

Learn more about how to remove shower head

Take your time to gently peel back the tape. This will help most of the sticky residue stay on the tape instead of the piping or fixture. Once the tape is removed, use a wire brush, an old toothbrush and a clean cloth to remove the stubborn bits.

Go to your local hardware store or buy one online. They should have the tools you need! 

It seems that the showerhead clamp got wound up and is locked. But not to worry! There is an easy fix for this.

Please follow this video here to help resolve this issue.

If you are still having trouble, we provide virtual appointments where our team will help walk you through any issues you are facing and go through installation with you step by step.

Contact us at to set one up!

hai Fuse

You’ll want to find the Allen wrench in a separate box at the bottom of your package. Hold the fuse up to the shower base with one hand, and use the other to insert the long end of the wrench into the bottom of the fuse and twist until tight. Visit our How to Fuse page for more.

Yes! We encourage you to add your favorite body products, shampoos, conditioners, and bath soaks into the fuse for a unique shower experience.

Most hair and body formulas need water to activate and emulsify; putting your favorite shower essentials in the fuse is an opportunity to elevate your application process and distribute products in a new way.

Absolutely! While the hai smart showerhead is a great companion for the hai fuse, you can easily attach the device to any handheld shower.

1. At the end of your shower, while the water is still running, untwist the bulb and rinse it out; clean the sides of the fuse as well to wash off any infusions that might be left over. 

2. Leave the bulb out to dry to ensure the chamber is nice and dry before inserting your next infusion tablet.

hai Infusions

Infusions can be used at any desired point during your shower. Ensure water is running, twist the fuse to activate infusion in your shower stream, and enjoy!

We recommend only putting one infusion into your fuse at a time. But we do encourage you to build your own ritual and use as many treatments during the duration of your shower as possible.

Infusion dissolve time ranges from 2 to 9 minutes, depending on your flow (1.8gpm to 2.5gpm) and water pressure.

While our goal is to provide you with a scent experience and boost your overall health, we also wanted to insure hai users are mindful of their water and energy consumption.

hai infusions are formulated with natural ingredients that are paraben-free, synthetics-free (including fragrance), hypoallergenic, vegan, and cruelty-free.

We do not use artificial fragrances. Infusions are naturally scented with high quality essential oils and free of parabens and sulfates. Plus, Infusions are vegan and cruelty-free.

hai infusions are not soap products but rather vitamin-rich, aromatherapeutic formulas. Our infusions are designed to be used alongside any of your body and hair care products.


Different states have different water regulations and do not allow the higher flow of the 2.5 gal/min design.

But, you're in luck! We specially designed our 1.8 gal/min showerheads to have the same great experience while using less water; check it out!

All domestic orders are shipped via UPS Carbon Offset Shipping! Shipping within the continental US typically take around 3-5 business days. However, due to high order volume and current COVID-19 restrictions, orders may take up to 14 business days to ship.

For holidays, we recommend orders to be placed before December 17th for timely delivery.

Once your order is ready for delivery, you will receive an email with your tracking information so you can track your order to its final destination.


If you don't love your hai shower, we offer an extended 60 day free return. All used returns will be donated or recycled!

For infusions tablets, we offer 30 day free returns, no questions asked.

We try to make sure everything runs smoothly–but life happens. Contact us at and we’ll help you sort it out!

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Quality is our priority: Each hai product is meticulously crafted with industry-leading materials, while our team of engineers ensures enduring functionality and effectiveness. From exceptional water-powered features to first-of-its-kind Bluetooth technology, our commitment to quality sets us apart and surpasses anything available in the market.

Unmatched warranty coverage: We firmly support our exceptional quality standards by providing a 1-year warranty on every hai showerhead.

Personalized support at your fingertips: When you choose to purchase your showerhead directly from hai, you gain access to our dedicated hai help team. They are ready to assist you every step of the way, whether it's guiding you through the installation process or troubleshooting any difficulties you may encounter with your smart showerhead.

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