Eco friendly products | the ultimate hai gift guide

The ultimate hai gift guide

This holiday season, we wanted to look beyond the shower for thoughtful, feel-good gift ideas for everyone on your list. Featuring tech, sustainability, home, and wellness brands we admire, our hai Gift Guide was curated for the people and spaces you love most.


The Sustainability Gift Guide

Gifts that are kinder to the environment.

Blueland Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Every great shower needs a trusty product to clean away tile grime. Blueland creates everyday eco-friendly cleaning products, without any plastic waste. Just fill your products with water, drop in a tablet (formulated with plant-based ingredients) and voilà. You're one spray away from a cleaner shower and planet.

UNCOMMON GOODS Living Composter

At hai, we love to compost (and we can tell you five reasons to start now). UNCOMMON GOODS’ Living Composter may be the sleekest composter we’ve ever seen. It's designed to use worms for composting all your food scraps and can process more than two pounds of food a week!

LARQ Bottle PureVis

LARQ calls itself the world’s “first self-cleaning water bottle.” It uses patented UV-C LED technology to eliminate 99 perfect of bacteria, odors and viruses in your water bottle. And it does all of this without you ever having to replace a filter. 

by Humankind Bath and Body Products

Just like hai, byHumankind is proof that looking good and living sustainably can go hand in hand. The brand’s collection of bath and grooming products are designed to reduce single-use plastics in innovative ways. Mouthwash comes in tablets instead of bottles, and shampoo and conditioner are formulated into soap-like bars.


The Smart-Home Gift Guide

Innovation, efficiency, and the future all wrapped up.


Eight Sleep Pod

If you’re obsessed with tracking your shower stats with hai, you’ll love monitoring your sleep insights with Eight Sleep. Perfect for one sleeper but even better for two, the brand’s Pod detects when each person falls asleep, automatically adjusting the temperature throughout the night. No more blanket hogging.

Oura Ring

Imagine a stylish ring that notifies you should rest (and perhaps take a hot shower to unwind?) Enter the Oura Ring. What looks like a sleek, polished piece of jewelry is really a data-driven ring that tracks your sleep at night and gives you a readiness score so you know when you should rest and when you can go all out.

Hatch Restore

Before waking up with hai in the shower, you’ve got to get out of bed. For a helping hand, the Hatch Restore is a multi-use relaxation tool featuring a sound machine, meditation app, and a sunrise alarm that simulates the morning sun. Rise and shine, indeed.

Sonos Roam

Ready for some shower karaoke with your hai handheld shower? Blast your favorite playlist from the Sonos Roam, a waterproof and drop-resistant speaker that allows you to enjoy hours of music thanks to a long-lasting rechargeable battery. It’s voice enabled too, so shout out your musical requests.


The Decor Gift Guide

Home is where the heart is.


Our Place Always Pan

Imagine matching your hai shower head to your kitchen pan. It’s possible with Our Place’s Always Pan, a cult-favorite available in 11 pops of color. This do-it-all wonder is designed to replace eight traditional pieces of cookware, making cooking a breeze.

Vitruvi Cloud Humidifer

Who knew humidifiers could be so chic? Vitruvi’s Cloud cool mist humidifier adds a hit of moisture to the air wherever you need it — and it’s great for hydrating your skin, too. It’s clean and minimalist designs makes it the perfect fit for any nightstands.

Parachute Organic Cloud Cotton Shower Curtain

A super soft addition to any hai shower, Parachute’s Cloud Cotton Shower Curtain will transform your bathroom into a serene sanctuary. Woven from the finest long-staple Turkish cotton, it’s light, airy, and super soft.

West Elm Bath Mat

West Elm Bath Mats are the softest landing spot after a hai shower. Bring a splash of color to your floor with a number of bath mat options made from sustainably sourced cotton. Stepping out of the shower has never felt so fluffy and cozy.


The Wellness Gift Guide

A well-deserved dose of comfort.


Calm Subscription

Give the gift of mindfulness with a subscription to Calm. Hundreds of meditations covering anxiety, focus, stress, sleep, and relationships are yours to explore. Pro tip: the shower is a great place to indulge in a guided meditation.

Crown Affair The Hair Towel

Our hair is most vulnerable when we first step out of the shower. To protect it, Crown Affair created The Hair Towel, a special microfiber waffle knit towel perfectly sized to wrap hair of all lengths without adding weight or pulling at your strands. A gift that will become your new favorite towel.

Theragun Mini

For a little something extra after a post-workout recovery shower, there’s the Theragun Mini. Small enough to take here, there, and everywhere, the Mini delivers a deep massage and long-lasting relief to tired muscles.

KonMari Rose Quartz Dry Brush

Dry brushing is a pre-shower ritual for many people looking to awaken the senses. We love KonMari’s Rose Quartz Dry Brush. It features all-natural horse hair bristles and a Rose quartz grounding stone known for its association with self-love — a perfect companion to hai’s Rose Quartz shower head.