Benefits of Adding Exfoliation to Your Shower Routine

Benefits of adding exfoliation to your shower routine

Get the most out of your showers with a few great exfoliation practices. Discover the benefits they offer and a few easy tips to make them a regular part of your shower and skincare routine.

Why you should add exfoliation to your shower routine 

Exfoliation is the process of removing a thin layer of dead skin cells from the healthy, clean skin that lies beneath. Not only does exfoliation feel amazing, but it results in smoother, healthier skin.

Dry body brushing 

Dry body brushing is simple – all you need is your dry skin and a brush designed specifically for this practice. While it doesn’t call for water or scrubs, it still sloughs off dead skin cells so it’s best to do it right before you shower. This is one of the most talked about exfoliation techniques because it can leave you feeling extra invigorated! 

Dry body brushing stimulates your circulation. It impacts your lymphatic system too, which helps it get rid of any toxins. So always be sure to do it in the right direction: dry brush in long streaks towards the heart

Frequency: daily (but skip it on body scrub days)

Be sure to speak to your doctor first if you have special health conditions, including heart or circulatory problems.

Benefits of exfoliating your face 

When you exfoliate your face, you’re removing dead skin cells and unclogging pores. It’s easy self-care for clean skin that leaves you feeling fresher. 

How to exfoliate your face: 

  1. Gently massage your face with a facial exfoliating product, avoiding the eyes. Check out The Essence by Augustinus Bader.
  2. Rinse it off with warm water. 
  3. Gently pat the clean skin with a face towel to dry.

Frequency: 1-2 times per week works best for most people

Pro tip: Some brands use abrasive particles in their scrubs, like fruit pits and pieces of shells. While they definitely get the job done, they also do more harm than good by damaging the skin, promoting premature aging and even making your skin more sensitive to other irritants. Gentle scrubs are definitely the way to go!

Body scrubs 

Using a body scrub is the full-body equivalent of exfoliating your face. It offers the same benefits, but it can also help you tame would-be-rough areas of skin. Pay special attention to your elbows, knees, hands and feet – and treat your body with love: avoid harsh scrubs.

Here are two popular ways to scrub your body: 

  1. Gently massage your body with a scrub, then rinse it off with warm water. Try The Body Exfoliator by Nécessaire.
  2. Gently massage your body with a washcloth dipped in warm water. Then shower as you normally would.  

Frequency: once per week 

Make your own DIY body scrub 

Try this easy DIY recipe from Heal Your Skin: The Breakthrough Plan for Renewal by Dr. Ava Shamban.

Avocado Honey Body Scrub:

½ avocado 

2 tbsp. cornmeal

3 tsp. honey

Combine all three ingredients in a bowl, mashing them together to form a well-mixed paste. Dampen your skin, then gently massage it with the paste. Use warm water to rinse it all off and you’re done!

Exfoliate your way to a better shower and skincare routine!