How to Create Your Home Spa Environment

How to create your home spa environment

Supercharge your daily self-care routine with your very own spa – at home.

Spa steamer tablets

Get immersed in your at-home spa experience with steamer tablets. Place one on the floor of your shower or tub (during showers, not baths). Let your water run hot, long enough for the tablet to start releasing its fragrance into the ambient steam. 

Spa steamers are great for their scents, but if you choose wisely, they can also be functional through aromatherapy. Look for tablets with lemon essential oil to invigorate, peppermint to energize or lavender to relax and soothe. Source high-quality steamer tablets that are eco-friendly, safe for septic systems and non-slip.

hai shower head

Outfit your shower with a spa shower head system to transform your bathroom into your favorite sanctuary. The best spa-like shower heads are handheld and offer lots of control. For example, the hai shower head is handheld and features an extra long hose and spa control slider. The spa control slider makes every shower feel like a special event; adjust it however you’d like – from strong, concentrated streams of water to ethereal mists. 


Whether you belt out pop hits or reflect in meditation, good music can really amplify your home spa experience. Check out the latest waterproof, steam-safe speakers, curate your favorite playlists and elevate the energy of your space! 


Candles are inexpensive yet powerful ambience creators. Channel the vibes of your favorite spas with a few well-placed candles in light and refreshing scents. Or stock up on a few aromatherapy candles and choose your scents with purpose – orange blossom to help you feel energized and alert, eucalyptus for decongestion and so on.


A few elements of nature can go a long way in upgrading your space. Turn your home spa into a tropical setting with plants that fare well in higher humidity. Pay special attention to empty corners and window sills. 

Pro tip: A handheld shower head will make it easier to care for your plants.

Your at-home spa experience awaits….