Your Home, Your Sanctuary: Master Bathroom Ideas

Your home, your sanctuary: master bathroom ideas

When it comes to your master bath, a few thoughtful details can go a long way. Explore these tips to see how you can take your shower aesthetic to the next level. 

Go wild 

No matter how tame your interiors may be, your master bathroom is one place where you can really switch things up. Go wild with a full-on, maximalist aesthetic or experiment with looks you might want to incorporate throughout the rest of your house. If that’s too extreme for your tastes, consider making subtle design decisions you wouldn’t make anywhere else.  

Turn your master shower into a spa 

Spa environments tend to make self-care more intuitive – or at least top of mind. For effortless reminders to check in with yourself, consider creating a spa oasis at home. 

Focus on your master shower first. Get a handheld showerhead that lets you easily change the settings for the spray. For instance, both the low-flow and high-flow hai showerheads have handheld control sliders so you can switch to the water patterns you crave. Not only can you set them however you’d like, but they also offer extra coverage for a more elevated experience. 

Scents are some of the most soothing aspects of any spa trip. Hang eucalyptus leaves in the shower to recreate the effect. When the steam from your shower releases their essential oils, they’ll produce an inviting aromatherapy experience. The resulting, soothing scent will help you feel more relaxed and can temporarily clear up congestion. They look beautiful too!

Curate your products 

Use product curation to cultivate a more relaxing space and to create the illusion of a larger master bathroom. Put away most of your products so that they’re hidden from view. Choose a few products to stay out and incorporate them with the aesthetics of the room. For example, good contenders might include a statement-making bottle of perfume and refillable glass containers for your favorite creams or soaps.

If you need easy access to several products in the shower, check out Pinterest for stylish organization tips!

Integrate bamboo 

If you’re looking for a stylish material that also happens to be sustainable, look no further than bamboo. Bamboo regenerates and can grow to full size in just a few months. It looks good too. Consider bamboo master shower accessories – from bath mats to actual bamboo plants. 

Create a better backdrop for your self-care routine with a master bathroom makeover!