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The best shower routine for your skin

You probably have a skincare routine for your face, but do you take the same care with your entire body? A proper shower routine can help you get refreshed, and healthy skin below the neck too. Here are five easy tips to boost your skin’s glow all over.

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Use warm or cold water

Healthy skin loves cold or warm water—never hot. Hot water strips away your skin's natural oils, which results in dull, dry skin prone to cracks, flakes, and crepiness. Dermatologists often recommend water 1-2 degrees higher than your body temperature, which is usually about 98.6-100°F. (As a bonus, cold and lukewarm water are actually better for the environment too.) 

A smart shower head can help you stay within your desired temperature range. For example, the hai shower head has a companion app that lets you customize in-shower LED temperature alerts and tracks your shower  temperature over time, allowing you to maintain your preferred range. You can even get a mobile notification when it’s time to hop in.

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Exfoliate your skin 

To reach your healthy skin goals, you need to exfoliate. Once a week works best for most skin types. New to exfoliation? Learn how to start your own routine. 

You can use a brush or loofah, or try an exfoliating body wash or polish. Look for body washes that use natural exfoliators like bamboo powder, sea salt, or sugar. Avoid planet-harming microbeads or harsh exfoliants with large grains that can irritate sensitive skin.

If you plan to do any body hair removal, do it towards the end of your shower, after exfoliating. That's when hairs are the softest and easiest to remove, which can save you from potential irritation.

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Finish with a refreshing burst of cold water

Wrap things up with a refreshing burst of cold water.* Not only will it give you a boost of energy, but it also improves circulation, enhancing your healthy glow. It’s great for your hair too. Cold water helps seal hair cuticles to retain moisture and reduces frizz.

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Limit your shower time 

Faster showers mean less exposure to any harsh minerals in your water supply. So-called hard water can dry out your skin or make it appear dull. So as nice as it might feel to linger in the shower after you're done scrubbing, your skin will thank you for turning the water off. Plus, you’ll conserve water and energy.  

If you need help shortening your daily shower routine, use your hai smart shower head to set an alert. The in-shower hai LED light illuminates when you’ve reached your time limit. For an even cleaner wash, add a shower filter to reduce hard water. 

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Moisturize while your skin is still damp 

Apply face and body creams while your skin is still damp and your pores are open. That's when skin is best at absorbing products and benefiting from their active ingredients. This five-step shower routine for glowing skin happens to be fast, easy, and good for you and the planet.

*Speak to your doctor before starting a cold water routine. Cold water treatments are not recommended for people with certain health conditions, including circulatory problems and heart conditions.