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The Gift Guide: Sustainable Bathroom Swaps

Happy Sustainability Day! There are so many ways to help reduce our environmental impact, and one of the easiest places to start is the bathroom. Here are seven quick swaps for a more eco-friendly space:

A little Bottle and A Brush

1. Dental Hygiene

Plastics such as toothbrushes, tubes and floss add up. Consider alternatives like Public Goods Bamboo Toothbrush, Bite Fresh Mint Toothpaste Bits and Mouthwash Bits, and Package Free Silk Floss.

2. Shaving

Stay away from disposable razors and their packaging by opting for a metal version, like The Detox Market Razor.


3. Body Care

Ditch the endless supply of empty bottles– from shampoo and conditioner to body wash. Bars are just as effective and they don’t have extraneous packaging. Zero Waste Path products are vegan and cruelty free. They have tons of options for all skin and texture types - so it’s easy to find one that you’ll love.

Reusable Cotton Rounds

4. Reusable Cotton Rounds

Many man-made materials release microplastics. Make your own or invest in products made from natural fibers like these Humble Earth Co. Reusable Bamboo Cotton Rounds.

Cotton Buds/Q-tips

5. Cotton Buds/Q-tips

Nearly 1.8 billion plastic cotton buds are used each year, and nearly 10% of them end up in the ocean or in waterways. Opt for compostable options like bamboo cotton buds, or a product that keeps on giving like the LastSwab Reusable Cotton Swabs.

Shower Scrubber

6. Shower Scrubber

A good scrubber can refresh the skin, improve circulation and much more. However, most sponge poufs are made of plastics that aren’t recyclable. They harbor bacteria too. Opt for a natural loofah - they’re more hygienic and 100% biodegradable. Your skin and the planet will thank you.

New Eco-Friendly Citron Showerhead By Hai

7. Water Mindfulness

Save water with a hai eco-minded shower head. Whether you opt to use our full-flow, 2.5 gallons-per-minute (GPM) showerhead or our eco-efficient WaterSense-certified 1.8 GPM design, saving water is not only easy, it’s fun! The hydro-powered hai showerhead pairs with our app via Bluetooth, so you can set water and energy-saving goals and monitor water usage with a custom LED light. The hai light reminds you when to get in or get out (hello, warm water without the waste). When you compete with yourself to improve your water and energy usage, every shower becomes a win for your community (...and for the planet).