Finally, a shower as unique as you.

Finally, a shower as unique as you.

You’ll spend around 156,000 minutes of your life in the shower. That’s too much time to just settle. Let's make it count!

Spa Day. Every Day.

hai! We’re waking up the industry, one shower at a time. You no longer need to settle for the subpar, dreary showerhead that came with your place. You deserve an eco-minded, smart showerhead designed with you in the center. With Bluetooth power and an easy DIY installation, hai is the full in-home spa experience – revolutionizing self-care to ritualize your best life.

Owning our impact

hai is more than a smart shower head. It’s a movement to understand and own your environmental impact like never before.

The Total Package

Our product can offset its carbon over its lifetime! And to get it to you in the most low-impact method, we’ve carbon offset all negative shipping impacts and and designed sustainable packaging. Our packages are 100% recyclable and the product box is the shipping box too. No wasteful box-in-a-box packaging in sight!

Supporting our community

Beyond investing in you and giving you the most sustainable product possible, we’re committed to making an impact in our larger community by saving water at scale.