Why We Should Really Stop Talking

The average person’s day is filled with multiple forms of communication and countless distractions. Meditation can help you drown the noise, but sometimes extended periods of quiet go farther. 

Enter the silent retreat. People around the globe sign up for weekend, weeklong and even lengthier retreats in far-off locales. They commit to going silent and ditching their devices...even reading material is usually off-limits. 

Reasons to choose silence

Silent retreats help participants reduce distractions and become more aware of whatever is happening within. Going quiet can also help you connect with your surroundings and tap into subtle physical sensations you might be missing every day. 

They’re usually offered by luxury resorts, but their prices don’t have to leave you speechless. Host mini silent retreats at home instead.

How to start your own weekly silent “retreat”

  1. Commit a few hours or even all of Saturday or Sunday to silence.
  2. Make sure nothing conflicts with your schedule, and get any other members of your household onboard before you start. Silence means real silence, funny gestures and notes don’t count. 
  3. Set your devices to “do not disturb”. 
  4. Grab a notebook and pen. You’ll be able to jot down important thoughts or realizations there. 
  5. Set an intention for the day. 
  6. Practice yoga, meditate, take a restorative shower, or do nothing – relax and go with the flow.