Retrain your brain 

Affirmations are underrated; they can have  a huge impact. If you’ve been tackling negative thoughts or a dip in confidence, use affirmations to find some relief.

First, write down your favorite affirmations or come up with custom phrases of your own. Find a few quiet moments at the start of the day to read each one, slowly and intentionally. Then go through the list five times. 

You’re basically retraining your brain. The more you think about these positive ideas, the more familiar they become and the easier it is to see why they are true – leading to mindset shifts and changed behavior.

Ritualize the experience. Say your affirmations between sips of coffee or tea or as you watch the sun rise. All you need is a few mindful minutes, just for you. 

New to affirmations? Give these a try:

My efforts make a difference.

I love and accept myself.

I have what it takes to succeed.

I am enough.