The Best Shower Routine for Glowing Skin

The best shower routine for glowing skin 

If you want refreshed, healthy, glowing skin, look no farther than your shower. Here are five easy tips to boost your skin’s luminosity. 

Use warm or cold water (never hot) 

When you crave glowing skin, warm or cold water works best (never hot). Hot water strips away the natural oils on your skin, which results in dry, dull skin prone to cracks and flakes. Dermatologists often recommend 1-2 degrees higher than your body temperature, which is usually about 98.6-100°F.

Thankfully, a smart shower head can help you stay within your desired temperature range. For example, use hai’s companion app to track your water temperature so you can maintain your preferred range. You can even get a mobile notification when it’s time to hop in (the hai light will light up too).

Bonus: warm and cold water are better for the environment. 

Limit your shower routine time 

The faster you shower, the less you’re exposing your skin to the minerals in your water supply. So-called hard water can dry out your skin or make it appear dull. So after you’re nice and clean, it’s a great idea to turn the water off. Plus when you limit the length of your showers, you’re conserving water and energy too.  

Pro Tip: If you need help shortening your showers, use your hai smart shower head to set an alert. The hai light illuminates when you’ve reached your desired limit. Or consider getting a filter to minimize your exposure to hard water.

Exfoliate your skin 

To reveal fresh, radiant skin, adopt a regular practice of sloughing away the dead skin cells on top. Exfoliating once a week works best for most skin types. New to exfoliation? Learn how to start your own routine. 

Finish with a refreshing burst of cold water

Wrap things up with a refreshing burst of cold water*. Not only will it give you a boost of energy, but it will improve your circulation, enhancing your healthy glow. It’s great for your hair too, cold water helps retain moisture, promotes shine and reduces frizz.

Moisturize while your skin is still damp 

Apply face and body creams while your skin is still damp (and the pores are still open). It helps to “seal” the product so your skin will be properly moisturized. If not, you’ll miss out on many of the benefits and have to apply lotion again soon.

The best shower routine for glowing skin happens to be fast, easy for you and easy on the planet! 

*Speak to your doctor before starting a cold water routine. Cold water treatments are not recommended for people with certain health conditions, including circulatory problems and heart conditions.