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The easiest ways to swap out your bathroom shower head! 

Bathroom remodels are notoriously expensive. But more than half of those expenses come from outsourcing work. That’s a lot of money out the window, plus a long time to have strangers in your house. 

So swap out your existing shower head for a fast and affordable way to update your bathroom’s aesthetic. Roll up your sleeves to start with the simplest, tool-free option – your hands. But if your old shower head won’t turn or doesn’t turn easily, use an adjustable wrench or the vinegar method instead. 

Keep reading for detailed instructions….

Wait – before you learn how to change a shower head, check out these tips:

  • For your safety, only work with dry and stable surfaces – your shower should be dry too. 
  • Whether you use your hands or an adjustable wrench, don’t force it or you could damage your shower arm.
  • Forcibly twisting your shower arm as you unscrew your old shower head can also cause damage. Hold the shower arm steady, by using pliers to keep it in place, or recruit a roommate or house guest to hold it still as you loosen the shower head.

Ok, let’s dive in! 

A person removing an old shower head

1. Use your hands.

You can skip the tools if your bathroom shower head turns easily. Just hold onto your old shower head and unscrew it in a counterclockwise direction (remember: righty-tighty, lefty loosey).

A bottle of vinegar used to remove a shower head

2. Try the vinegar method. 

If untwisting it with your hands didn’t work, try the vinegar method! This method should loosen up the tough buildup on your old shower head so you can get the job done. 

  • Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar. 
  • Wrap the bag around your old shower head so that it’s completely immersed. *It’s especially important that the connector between the shower head and wall arm is covered and steeped in vinegar.
  • Use rubber bands to secure the bag to your shower arm.
  • Wait about 2-3 hours. It’s the perfect amount of time to catch that movie you’ve been wanting to watch! 
  • Remove the bag. 
  • You should be able to unscrew the shower head with your hands (counterclockwise).

A wrench use to remove a shower head

3. Use pliers and an adjustable wrench.

If your shower head is stubborn, think about using slip joint pliers and an adjustable wrench (both can easily adjust to meet your needs):

  • Put a soft cloth or hand towel over your old shower head to avoid scratches, if you want to keep it safe. 
  • Grip the shower arm with your pliers to keep it steady.
  • Unscrew your old shower head counterclockwise, using the wrench. That should do the trick! 

Get rid of any lingering thread tape, rust or grime and clean the surface of your shower arm. If there’s limescale buildup, be sure to get rid of that too – if it’s dirty, sticky or obstructed, your smart shower head won’t fit well.

Pro tip: An old toothbrush and some water will usually do the trick. But if your shower arm is really gross, use vinegar and baking soda instead.

How to extend the life of any shower head 

Clean your new shower head on a regular basis to extend its life, keep it functional and make sure it keeps looking great! 

Shower head types explained 

When it comes to swapping out your bathroom fixtures, you have tons of options – but your shower arm’s position might limit what you can install on your own.

  • Standard shower heads: These are the wall-mounted versions. You’ll see the shower head is located at the base of the arm. 
  • Handheld shower heads: If you have a handheld shower head but the arm is located at the base of the handheld portion, you can only replace it with another handheld shower head. 
  • Ceiling-mounted fixtures: If you have a ceiling-mounted shower head, you’ll have to replace it with a rain shower, a mister or a similar ceiling-mounted style.

Citron The New Water Saving Shower Head by Hai

Meet hai: better showers, for you and the planet

Older shower models don’t offer the best coverage. The water flow probably isn’t great and you could be wasting water, which leads to higher utility bills and a negative impact on the environment. Enter hai. It’s a smart shower head with eco-friendly water-flow options to elevate your showers – every time! It offers lots of feel-good coverage for a better shower experience, and it comes with a companion app to help you set goals and track your eco impact. 

hai is available in six great hues and it’s easy to clean and maintain, thanks to an extra-long hose and a stainless steel handheld sprayer. That sprayer puts spa-control magic into the palm of your hands so you can customize every session. Transition from a steady shower of droplets to a fine, ethereal mist.

Finally, hai makes it easy to do a DIY install. All you’ll need is a wall-mounted shower arm.

Charcoal New Bluetooth Shower Head by Hai

How to install your new hai shower head

It’s easy to install your new hai. We’ve designed a seal that screws easily onto most shower arms without the need for thread tape (also known as plumber’s tape or Teflon tape). So say goodbye to outdated models and cumbersome installations.

  1. Attach hai’s Bluetooth base to your shower arm.
    1. Position the base onto your shower arm.
    2. Twist the clamp in a clockwise direction until it feels tight. If it gets stuck, don’t force it or you’ll risk damaging hai or your shower arm. Just double-check the alignment and try again.
    3. Remove the strip. 

  1. Secure and position the Bluetooth base.
    1. Jiggle the clamp down to the bottom position.
    2. Hold the base straight. Next, turn the clamp clockwise until it feels tight.
    3. Jiggle the clamp up until it can swivel freely. Tuck it behind. 

  1. Attach the hose to your new shower head.
    1. Twist the shorter end of the hose to the Bluetooth base.
    2. Attach the longer end of the hose to your new shower head. 

Check for leaks

Turn the water on to test your connection. If there are leaks, remove and reinstall your hai shower head. Just repeat the steps above in reverse, all the way until you remove the Bluetooth base from the shower arm.

That’s it! Easy DIY. 

Once it’s good to go, use the hai app to pair your devices and start setting those water-saving goals!

It’s almost time for your first at-home spa shower experience...