The easiest ways to swap out your bathroom shower head!

It’s easy to remove your old bathroom shower head to start installing your hai.

You might want to start with the simplest, tool-free option below – your hands. But if your old shower head won’t turn or doesn’t turn easily, use a wrench or the vinegar method instead. 

Read up on all these three options below, and see what works best for  your shower setup . 

Ahh...the hai life is oh so close.

Read these tips before getting started:

  • For your safety, only work with dry and stable surfaces – your shower should be dry too. 
  • Whether you use your hands or a wrench, don’t force it or you could damage your shower arm.
  • Forcibly twisting your shower arm as you unscrew your old shower head can also cause damage. Hold the shower arm steady, by using pliers to keep it in place, or recruit a roommate or house guest to hold it  still as you loosen the shower head.

Let’s dive in! 

1. Use your hands.

You can skip the tools if your bathroom shower head turns easily. Just hold onto your old shower head and unscrew it in a counterclockwise direction. 


2. Try the vinegar method. 

If untwisting the shower head with your hands did not work, try the vinegar method! This method should loosen up the tough buildup on your old shower head so you can get the job done. 

Here are the steps:

  • Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar. 
  • Wrap the bag around your old shower head so that it’s completely immersed. *It’s especially important that the connector between the shower head and wall arm is covered and steeped in vinegar.
  • Use rubber bands to secure the bag to your shower arm.
  • Wait about 2-3 hours. Got any good movies on your list?
  • Remove the bag. 
  • You should be able to unscrew the shower head with your hands (counterclockwise).


3. Use a wrench.

If your shower head is stubborn, think about using a wrench. First, put a cloth over your old shower head so it won’t get scratched, if you want to keep it safe. Next, get a wrench and unscrew your old shower head counterclockwise. That should do the trick!

And that’s it! No plumber, no problem. Easy DIY.

Get rid of any lingering thread tape and clean the surface of your shower arm. If there’s limescale buildup, be sure to get that off too. This will make all the difference. If it’s dirty, sticky or obstructed, your smart shower head won’t fit well.

It’s almost time for your first at-home spa shower experience...