Get the most out of your fuse

How to install

1.Hold the fuse up to shower base.

Find the Allen wrench in a separate box at the bottom of the package. Hold fuse up to the shower base with one hand and the Allen wrench in the other.

2.Tighten with Allen wrench

While holding the fuse up to the shower base with one hand, use the other to insert the long end of the wrench into the bottom of the fuse and twist until tight.

How to use

1.Add infusion to the fuse

Align the dash to the single dot and pop off the bulb to add your infusion tablet into the device. To re-attach the bulb, align the dash back to the single dot and then twist to the two dots position to keep secure. 

2.Shower and enjoy!

While your water is running, twist the fuse to three dots to activate the infusion in your shower stream.

How to clean

1.Rinse fuse

At the end of your shower, while the water is still running, untwist the bulb and rinse it out using your handheld hai shower; clean the sides of the fuse as well to wash off any infusions that might be left over.

2.Let fuse Dry

Leave the bulb out to dry to ensure the chamber is nice and dry before inserting your next infusion tablet.