8 reasons to buy the new smart, luxury shower head from hai

8 reasons to buy the new smart, luxury shower head from hai

If you're looking for an easy way to upgrade your bathroom,start in your shower. The new hai smart shower head is the next generation of luxury shower heads, combining thoughtful design and innovative, eco-friendly technology with overall quality to deliver a spa-like experience at home. Learn why it's time for you to get hai in your bathroom.

1. High-quality materials

hai shower heads are constructed to last. Their frames are made of high-quality stainless steel, which is more durable and sustainable than the chrome-plating frequently used in other shower heads. They also feature unique, smooth hoses made from PVC. The grooveless design means no place for mold, limescale, or bacteria to lurk.

Luxury Shower Heads By Hai

2. Attractive design

You probably didn't know a shower head could look this good. hai is designed to complete and elevate your space. The modern design will look luxurious in your bathroom, and the 6 customizable colors will compliment any decor. Choose from moon, charcoal, persimmon, rose quartz, citron, and surf.

Blue Low Flow Shower Head

3. Elevated spray tech

hai’s innovative design delivers expanded coverage similar to ceiling-mounted rain shower head with the control of a hand shower. Use it as a fixed head or handheld head to reach your entire body. An easy-to-adjust slider on the handheld shower head adjusts to multiple spray patterns — from a fine spa mist to steady water flow and every spray pattern in between — with the push of a finger. With hai, you get total spa control at your fingertips.

Smart Shower System

4. Smart shower head innovation

hai smart shower heads are packed with innovative technology. Every hai contains a water-powered turbine that generates electricity from the flow of your shower alone. That makes hai the cleanest shower on the market — and the only home appliance that actually powers itself.

Electricity from the turbine feeds hai's internal Bluetooth, which helps hai get smarter over time. Free over-the-air software updates continually improve hai's features and smart tech — kind of like a Tesla.

Water Tracker App By Hai

5. Better water and energy habits for a better planet

Are you ready to reduce your carbon footprint? hai makes it easy to make a difference through your daily routine. Most shower heads leave you guessing about how much water and energy you've used, but hai sends shower usage data to your phone. Use the hai mobile app to track time spent showering, understand your water use patterns, and monitor your energy consumption.

The hai app also lets you set water and energy use goals to improve your impact over time. Customizable LED light alerts help you stick to your goals by letting you know when the water’s at your preferred temperature and when you’ve reached your custom shower time limit.

Reducing negative environmental consequences is an essential part of hai's mission. hai carbon offsets all negative shipping impacts by supporting like-minded water organizations. And the showerhead comes in packaging that's 100% recyclable — and the product box is the shipping box too. No wasteful and excessive packaging in sight!

Yellow Water-Saving Shower Head

6. A shower head for low water pressure and water restrictions

Shower heads for low water use are required by law in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Washington, New York, and Vermont. If you need a lower-flow shower head, hai's WaterSense-certified 1.8-gallon model was specially designed with a low flow rate that helps save water without sacrificing water pressure. (hai's other model has a higher 2.5-gallon flow.)

The lower flow model is also ideal for homes with low pressure. hai’s powerful shower heads are designed specifically to maximize water pressure at whatever flow your home or apartment offers. The wide, adjustable spray pattern delivers a steady flow or mist that helps overcome low water issues. That means our low-flow shower head still delivers the spa-quality shower experience you'd expect from hai.

Red Bluetooth Shower Head

7. Easier shower clean up

The hai smart shower head as an extra-long 4.9-foot hose that makes it easy to give your shower a good, quick rinse every time you use it. While overhead shower heads make it hard to target the corners of your shower or tub — hotspots for residue, mildew, and hard water buildup — hai's handheld shower head and grooveless PVC hose let you get into every nook and cranny. Including previously unreachable zone.

It's also easy to clean the shower head itself. Just give hai's rubberized nozzle a little flick to easily dislodge any limescale or mineral buildup that might mess with your flow. Doing so will help you get consistent water pressure and flow day after day.

Smart Shower Head Installation

8. Install hai spa shower heads all by yourself

hai may be a smart shower system loaded with innovative tech, but unlike other complex shower systems, you can set it up yourself. No plumber, bathroom overhaul, removing your existing shower arm, or fancy tools necessary.  Follow the simple, step-by-step instruction manual in the app to remove your old shower head and get set up in no time. hai is a great investment for renters since it's also easy to uninstall when you move to a different location.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get hai.

Frequently asked questions

Will hai improve low water pressure?

hai’s powerful shower heads are designed specifically to maximize water pressure at whatever flow your home/apartment offers.

Will my shower head work with hai?

hai handled shower heads work with most traditional shower arms. The 2 existing models are not yet compatible with other setups like rain showers or rail showers.

Is the hai shower system renter friendly?

Yes! hai’s strong pressure shower head is easy to install and uninstall and does not require any tools. You can install it yourself, and take it with you when you leave.

How much water can I save?

This is up to you! The hai app measures your water and energy usage against the national average. Dive into the data, and set goals for yourself to improve your usage over time.