Elevate your daily routine into a self-care ritual


Fully guided self-installation

Own your space even if you rent. No plumber? No problem. Install it yourself!

Full-coverage in-home spa

Specially designed so you can enjoy more coverage than the average showerhead.

Find your perfect hai flow

Slide into a steady stream, a spa-like mist or anything in between. Seamless control at your fingertips.

Intentional materials

Our smart showerhead frame is made from stainless steel! It's more durable, higher quality, and better for the environment than chrome plating!

Own your impact with the hai app

Water-powered Bluetooth connects with our companion app to help you track water and energy usage over time!

Customizable LED Lights

Custom LED alert notifies you when the water’s warm and ready; another signals when you’ve reached your target limit.

Carbon Neutral

Carbon neutral since day one. Helping you own your impact while owning ours. The hai showerhead offsets its own carbon footprint when you save water and energy. Plus the packaging is sustainable too!

for you.

for the planet.