6 Reasons to Buy the New Luxury hai Smart Shower Head

6 Reasons to Buy the New Luxury hai Smart Shower Head

Wondering why you should buy the new hai smart shower head? Look no further. 

Here’s an overview of pretty much everything you need to know.

1. High quality materials

hai shower heads are eco-friendly – built to last. The frame is made of stainless steel which is more durable and sustainable than chrome-plated showerheads. The  specially-designed, smooth hoses are made from PVC. They not only look sleek, but they’re a whole lot cleaner. Zero grooves means no place for mold or limescale to hide.


2. Attractive design

No matter where you live, hai can complement or elevate your space.

You’ll love the way it looks with its modern, luxurious design, complementary colors and an ergonomic handle. 

Choose your favorite of 6 hues:

3. Spray tech

hai’s innovative design gives you the extra coverage you’ve always craved. And its adjustable, handheld control lets you customize every minute of every shower to your personal taste. 

Use the easy-to-adjust slider to calibrate your spray settings. Move from every experience between a fine spa mist to steady, concentrated streams. With hai, you get total spa control at your fingertips.

4. Smart shower head tech

hai smart shower heads have hydro-powered turbines so that all you need is the water from your shower to power its Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connects to the companion mobile app so you can own your impact!  

  • Track time spent in the shower
  • Understand water use per session or over time
  • Monitor energy use per session or over time

The hydro-powered turbine also powers LED lights you can customize through the app.  The LED alerts let you know when the water’s hot or when you’ve reached your goal to wrap up your session.

5. Better water and energy habits

Are you ready to reduce the impact of your carbon footprint? hai gives you an easy way to make a difference. Use the hai app to set water and energy use goals to minimize your impact and improve over time. And if you’d prefer a lower-flow shower head, hai also has a WaterSense-certified 1.8-gallon design (the other model has a 2.5-gallon flow).


6. DIY spa shower installation

hai may be a smart shower head system, but you can set it up yourself. A high-end shower without the high-stress installation. No plumber necessary. 

Follow the simple, guided, step-by-step instructions in the app to get set up in no time. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get hai.