Water Saving Smart Shower Head | hai | Best Smart Shower Head 2021

Water-saving tech you should start using in 2022

Looking for a few easy ways to improve your eco footprint?

Start with this must-have, water-saving tech...

Water & Rain

1. Rain sensor shut off device

What could be more sustainable than watering your yard with the rain? But unless you live somewhere like Seattle, you probably need to rely on a sprinkler system. Get a rain sensor shut off device so your sprinklers will automatically turn off when it detects enough moisture. These sensors make it easy to save money, save your plants and live a little more sustainably.

Water Splashing into Cupped Hands

2. Touchless kitchen faucet

It’s a true luxury to wash your hands with a touch-free faucet in your sink. It’s a big win for hygiene, it helps reduce messy situations mid-recipes and it helps reduce water waste too. Just wave to turn the water on when your hands need cleaning and wave again when you’re ready to move on to something else.

Those mini moments between manually turning off the faucet add up. Lower your water and energy bills (they can be programmed to maintain the same temperature too) to save some cash while doing good for Mother Earth.

hai smart shower head in citron

3. hai smart shower head

Save lots of water with hai eco-minded shower head. Whether you opt to use our full flow 2.5 gallons-per-minute (GPM) showerhead or our eco-efficient WaterSense-certified 1.8 GPM design, saving water is not only easy, it’s fun! The hydro-powered hai showerhead pairs with our app via Bluetooth, it’s where you can set water and energy-saving goals and monitor your water usage with a custom-colored LED light. The hai light reminds you when to get in or when to get out (hello, warm water without the waste). When you compete with yourself to improve your water and energy usage, every shower becomes a win for your community (...and for the planet). Dive into the amazing feeling of having your own personalized at-home spa experience while saving money and water.

Minimal Bathroom with dual flush toilet

4. Dual-flush toilets

Minimizing your toilet water usage is probably the last thing on your mind. Still, you can get a new, high-performing dual-flush toilet and see a lot of savings (think: two flush options for different bathroom break needs). Not only will you save water, but you’ll also extend the life of your toilet, potentially saving big on plumbing and replacement costs over the years too. Good stuff.

Rainbow over grass in a verdant backyard

5. Greywater system

We humans waste a lot of water without necessarily noticing the impact of our habits. Greywater systems are different. Add one to your eco-smart arsenal to convert your shower, sink or laundry water into water for your non-edible plants.

Just one thing: only buy a greywater system if you use 100% eco-safe soap and cleaning products. Sounds like a great time to switch!