How to get better water pressure for your shower

First, let’s get the bad news out of the way. Getting better water pressure for your shower is out of your hands. 

  1. Water pressure is regulated by water flow and water flow depends on your pipes. So your actual water pressure lies in the hands of your local water department
  2. Different showerhead flow rates are (and are not) allowed in different states. Although federally in the US, the standard has been set to 2.5 gallons per minute, different states have tighter restrictions to help reduce water waste and improve our eco impact. So the actual showerhead flow capacity you can legally buy is dictated by your state

Here’s the good news. What you can control is switching things up with a better showerhead to drastically improve your shower experience. Introducing hai smart-spa shower head!

hai mid-point on slider stream spray

Best-in-class spray tech 

Use hai’s spa control slider on its ergonomic handle to customize your spray. Switch it up– choose from a fine mist to steady streams of water for the ultimate in personalization. Plus: our next-level nozzle is attached to a flexible, 4.9 ft. hose and offers more coverage than the average shower head.

Blue showerhead handle on matching blue background

Fun colors

Spruce up your shower space with an uplifting pop of color. Choose from one of six hues: rose quartz, citron, persimmon, surf, charcoal or moon.

Tech-enabled smart shower head

Regardless of pressure, your water has the strength to activate your hai showerhead's Bluetooth, via its hydro-powered turbine. We figured water-generated power would be a fun and effortless way to save energy.

Color picker from app

Color-coded LED alerts

Finally, color-coded LED lights offer extra control. Customize them with any colors on the RGB scale to reflect what you want to see when the water’s warm enough to get in– and to help you meet your water goals. 


You may not be able to control water pressure, but you can control other elements of your in-shower vibes. Tap into the moment to curate your favorite at-home spa experience.hai is available in two designs so you can get the full hai experience no matter who you are, or where you live: a standard 2.5 GPM model and a WaterSense-certified, eco-friendly 1.8 GPM design. The EPA awards WaterSense certifications to showerheads that are eco-efficient but don’t skimp on experience. We designed our 1.8 GPM model to feel as close to our higher flow 2.5 GPM option as possible– full coverage spray and all. You’ll still get immersed in your own hai at-home spa, but with a little more water savings. For you and for the planet.