High-Pressure, Smart,
Eco-Friendly Showering

Step into the future of showering: save water, boost pressure, and personalize your shower experience with smart insights.

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Good for you
& the planet

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Upgrade your shower with the power of hai

hai isn't just a showerhead โ€” it's a movement to do good for you and the planet. We use smart technology and sustainability to personalize your daily rinse โ€” changing the way you shower for the better.

  • Personal shower stats

    A hydro-powered micro-turbine generates energy from water flow alone providing the electricity for LED alerts and Bluetooth.

  • Superior water pressure

    Effortlessly switch from a high pressure stream to a soothing mist. Perfectly tailored for low-flow environments.

  • Shower tablets for better health

    Pop an aromatherapeutic and vitamin-rich infusion tablet into the fuse and shower your way to better sleep, energy, and recovery.

  • 5-minute install

    No fancy tools or plumbers required. Renter-friendly and moves with you.

  • Save 30% more water

    Your water use data is sent straight to the hai app so you can track your habits and change them overtime.

  • 6 colors to suit your style

    Match your decor with citron, persimmon, rose quartz, surf, or charcoal.

  • Repair

    Eucalyptus โ€ข Vitamin D3 โ€ข Citric Acid
    Perfect for that post-workout comedown or whenever you need a moment of recovery, Repair is your daily mind-body refresh.

  • Relax

    Lavender โ€ข Vitamin B12 โ€ข Sandalwood
    For your evening wind down, or whenever you need to take a deep exhale, Relax is your daily moment of calm.

  • Energy Boost

    Mandarin โ€ข Caffeine โ€ข Vitamin D3, C, B12, E
    Your new morning go-to, or whenever you need a pep in your step, Energy Boost is your daily skin and mood booster.

Reimagine your daily shower with hai infusions

Formulated with minerals, essential oils and vitamins, add a hai infusion tablet to your daily shower to support your wake ups, wind downs, and workouts.

  • Recover

  • Sleep

  • Energy

  • โ˜… โ˜… โ˜… โ˜… โ˜…
    Amazing pressure,
    better technology!

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Infusions Smart Showerhead + Discovery Set Bundle

Take your shower to the next level with hai's home hydrotherapy shower system, delivering health and wellness through water.ย hai infusions smart showerhead fuses together our award-winning hai smart shower with our first of a kind, aromatherapeutic experience that delivers vitamins and essential oils directly through your waterโ€™s stream for a reimagined wellness experience.




Rose Quartz




100 shower

Good for you
& the planet

Free Shipping

Weโ€™re saving the planet one shower at a time.

hai users save an average of 30% more water.
To date, our community has saved:

1,700,000 Gal.

That's 94 Swimming pools!