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You spend 156,000 min of your life in the shower.

It's time to make it count.

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Reason 1

Same routine, better pressure, bigger savings

More pressure, less waste. Make your water work harder for you with hai’s specially designed showerheads that crank up the pressure while using the same flow. Say hai to improved efficiency and healthy habit tracking; your wallet and the environment thank you!

Reason 2

hai-quality design and renter ready

hai showers are built with quality stainless steel for a sleeker more durable finish than typical chrome plated options. The rubberized nozzles make it easy to clean so you’ll always get that same great pressure for years to come. Renting? No problem! The clamp-style fit requires no tools and causes zero damage.

Reason 3

A smarter shower for a better shower

No more guessing games. hai’s smart LED alerts notify you when the water is at your perfect temp and when you’ve reached your set water usage goals. Head to the hai app to customize your LED lights and to track how much time, water, and energy you’ve used throughout your showers.

Reason 4

Personalize your shower experience

Showers deserve your personal touch, too. hai’s seamless flow transition slider was designed so you could ease into a steady stream, a spa-like mist, or anything in between with the slide of your thumb. Choose from classic neutrals to vibrant hues to match your vibe too!

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You’ll spend around 5 million seconds in the shower throughout your life, so why not treat yourself while looking out for the planet. We offer free shipping, the easiest no-tool installation, and free returns if you’re not completely satisfied. What are you waiting for? Get hai.