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The hai gift edit

Smart tech? Check. Good for the planet? You got it. Looks fantastic in any shower? Absolutely!

If you’re making a list and checking it twice, ‘tis the season to get hai –– the perfect gift for everyone on your list (including you).

Whether you're looking for the smart home devotee or the beauty aficionado, we’ve rounded up some (hai) praise to make gifting extra easy this year.

Like our friends at W Magazine said, "If you’re thinking “A showerhead? For a gift?” you’ve never tried this showerhead."


hai is gifting with a personal touch. Our Bluetooth-enabled smart shower head uses the same principles as hydroelectric dams to power our showers. Plus, LED alerts notify you when your shower is at your ideal temperature and when you've reached your water limit. 


hai shower head a holiday gift for everyone

Citron, Persimmon, Surf –– you get your pick from hai’s range of six popping colors. Our design-forward shower is a gift to match everyone's style.


Eco friendly shower head to take care of the planet

A gift that’s good for you and the planet? Think of hai as your very own personal conversation coach. Our smart shower head lets you set eco-goals and keep track of your water and energy usage.


Smart shower head for a home spa experience by hai

Step into your holiday bliss. Go from a rain shower to a spa-mist in a matter of seconds. Use our handheld shower to wash away a face mask or rinse out that shampoo with more precision.


Water saving shower head for the planet by hai

Hai’s crowd favorite spa-like mist will have you feeling like you’ve just created your very own steam room right at home.


Smart and bluetooth shower head for everyone

Hai is designed to be easy to install. So easy in fact you don’t need any tools. No plumber, no problem.


Water saving shower head | hai

For delicate moments, enter our handheld shower head: a trusty bathroom companion. Our spray control slider lets you customize the perfect flow, making shower time for kids and dogs a breeze (well, as breezy as it can be).


Enjoy a home spa experience with hai's shower heads

Fact: Hai’s users are using around 30% less water than the average American shower-er.


Bluetooth system for hai's smart shower head

Ready to optimize your shower? Keep up with your shower and energy insights within our companion app.  


Luxury shower head by hai

What can we say? It’s time to get hai.