How to make your own at-home spa day

How to make your own at-home spa day

We all love to be pampered, but sometimes time and budget make trips to the spa impossible. Those times call for some serious self-directed self-care. Use these home spa ideas to make your own at-home oasis.

essential oil diffuser

Set the scene with an essential oil diffuser

Before diving into home spa treatments, set the mood for your at-home spa day. We're not saying you need to create a full-scale home wellness retreat, but you can definitely take some of their cues.

Ever noticed that most spas smell great? You can also fill your space with relaxing fragrances using an essential oil diffuser. Many diffusers double as humidifiers, adding skin-boosting moisture to the air.

If you don't have a diffuser, fill a small spray bottle with an aromatherapy blend of your favorite essential oils. We recommend eucalyptus essential oil for that classic spa soothing scent. Or light up your favorite scented candle.

The best spas and salons also set the scene with relaxing music that immediately gets you in the zone. Find tunes that shift your energy and help you feel relaxed. Set the mood with this soothing playlist.


spa water and eat spa snacks

Sip fruit-infused spa water and eat spa snacks

What's a spa day without a restorative beverage and some healthy snacks? Fill a pitcher with water, cucumber slices, your favorite berries, a hint of lemon juice, and a few pieces of fresh mint. Refrigerate it for at least 30 minutes. This refreshing concoction should stay fresh for 2-3 days. If you need a bit of extra energy, nibble on fresh fruit, nuts, or seeds. Keep your spa bites light so you don't feel weighed down during your treatments.


Copy your favorite spa treatments

Give yourself can’t-stop-looking-at-them nails with a DIY mani-pedi. The Complete System by Olive and June helps deliver pro-level results with accuracy-assisting tools and simple online tutorials. The set includes the Polish Mani System and the Pedi System, filled with the usual nail care suspects plus an award-winning cuticle serum, a foot serum, and long-lasting nail polish—including a limited-edition hue. The long-lasting polish is a great alternative to professional gel nails you might get at a spa.

Want to kick things up a luxurious notch? Invest in a home foot spa with jets that will massage sore muscles. Add bath salts to boost relaxation. A warm water foot soak will soften the skin on your feet, making it easier to get professional-looking pedicure results.


Take a spa-like shower

Take a spa-like shower

Turn your shower into a mind-body experience with hai. This eco-friendly, smart shower head delivers unbelievable coverage and customized spray control that allows you to select a concentrated spray or an ethereal mist—and everything in between.

Add exfoliation to your rinse for glowing, spa day skin. Before you step into the shower, use a dry brush to remove dead skin cells. Brushing in circular motions towards your heart will promote blood flow and healthy skin, and allow your shower products to absorb better.

To revive tired tresses, try a hair mask. Simply apply it then put on a shower cap while you finish the rest of your shower routine. Rinse it out when your shower is done.


Slather on coconut oil

After you're finished, gently massage a luxurious natural moisturizer like coconut oil into your skin using a circular motion towards your heart. This will help improve circulation and prevent dry skin. And it helps give you that I've-been-to-the-spa aura. Coconut oil has loads of benefits for your skin, like reducing inflammation, keeping skin hydrated—and even helping to heal wounds. The best part? You can get it at any grocery store and use it as a base for your own DIY spa products


Get an at-home facial

Get an at-home facial

No spa day (or DIY spa night) is complete without a facial. Start by giving your circulation a nudge and opening your pores with a restorative face steaming session.

You'll need hot water, a big bowl, and rose petals (optional). Fill the bowl with hot water and sprinkle the rose petals on top. Close your eyes and mouth, then lean over the bowl for 10-15 minutes. Allow the warm steam to soften your skin and prepare it for the rest of your facial.

Or soak a towel or washcloth in hot (but not scalding) water. Squeeze out the excess water, then drape it over your face. Lie back for 10-15 minutes while the towel does the work. 

After steaming, apply your favorite face masks to clarify and hydrate your skin. Or finish up your regular skincare routine.


Relax beneath a weighted blanket

After your DIY treatments, take some calming breaths and snuggle beneath a weighted blanket. This self-care favorite started trending during the pandemic for a reason. Weighted blankets apply deep touch pressure to your body, combating stress and anxiety. Some people even say weighted blankets improve their sleep quality. Add a gel eye mask to deepen the relaxation.


The best thing about a spa day at home is that it's completely customizable to your needs and preferences. Try the home treatments above, or create your own rituals for the ultimate at-home pampering.