hai year in review 2022

hai 2022 Year in Review

With 2022 in the rearview, it’s time to shower off the year that was.

But before we do, we wanted to pause and reflect on some of our biggest moments. This year, thousands of new members joined the hai community and as a collective, you made quite the impact.

You saved a hai record-breaking amount of water, obsessed over certain colors, enjoyed keeping it hot in the shower, and California had us dreaming of crushing eco-goals.

And because we know the way you shower is personal, for our hai members, update your hai app to see your very own Year in Review. 

So, gather ‘round and let’s dive deep into how you showered this year. Here’s how things looked for hai in 2022, by the numbers.


508 147 gallons of water saved with hai water saving shower head

Talk about making an impact. 

A round of applause for our hai community. Together (in different showers, of course) you saved a record-breaking 508,147 gallons of water (that’s 16,943 baths and 28 swimming pools, FYI).

Average amount of energy saved: 1.56KWH

Hey, Siri. Play “Energy” by Beyoncé.

This year, you raised the bar when it came to saving energy through our water-powered smart showerhead.

How do we calculate this number exactly? Our hydro-powered turbine tracks water and energy used over time. 

California the golden state saved more water with hai smart shower heads

The Golden State reigns superior.

Shower-ers in California can give themselves a pat on the back for saving the most water in 2022 with hai.

The second-place position goes to New York, followed by Texas. Rounding out spots four and five are Illinois and Nebraska.

Average amount of showers taken per week: 6 

Looks like you love showers just as much as we do.

Average shower temperature: 102.9F

Some like it hot.

Experts say the ideal shower temperature falls somewhere between 98º and 105º F. You fall right in the middle, hai users. Shower game strong.


Average time spent in the shower: 9 minutes and 40 seconds

That’s less time than a shower sing-a-long to All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version). Now that’s impressive (and efficient).

Time of day users shower most with hai smart showerhead

 Rise and shine.

36% of users loved a good hai session between the hours of 6am-9pm. As for team #nightshower, 30% of showers happened between 7pm-11pm.

Most popular LED alert colors:

Water Usage Alert Color: Orange

Orange you glad you set eco-goals?

Orange was your color of choice when it came to turning off your shower and saving water.

Water Temp Alert Color: Green

Green means go.

Users loved seeing green as the color to alert them when to step into their shower at the perfect temperature.

Charcoal smart & bluetooth shower head by hai

The shower-ers have spoken.

Cool, versatile, modern Charcoal takes the crown as your favorite hai showerhead color of the year.

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