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Six Key Benefits of Using a Hand-Held Shower Head

Want to upgrade your shower experience in one simple step? Get a hand-held shower head. These easy-to-install bathroom fixtures deliver a targeted clean that traditional fixed shower heads can't. Here are a handful of reasons a handheld shower head belongs in your bathroom.


1. Versatility, control, and accuracy you don’t get from fixed shower heads

While a wall-mounted shower head or ceiling rain shower head forces you to go with its flow, the best handheld shower heads put you in charge so you can enjoy a more targeted wash than what you get with an overhead spray. 

These convenient shower heads make it possible to cater you your different preferences and needs. Rinse off bath and beauty products faster, gain easy access to places like the bottom of your feet, and keep your hair dry when you’re only cleansing your body. And did we mention how much easier hand showers make shaving? No more dodging an unwanted shower jet as you attempt to get the job done.

The flexibility of hand showers also makes them a great fit for anyone who showers sitting down or has mobility limitations. A long hose makes it easier to stay put while showering, lowering the risk of slipping and falling. Some models, like the hai smart shower head, are ergonomically designed for even easier use.

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Shower tip

Rinse your hair with cold water at the end of your shower for healthier and stronger hair. With a handheld shower, you can reserve that cold blast for your tresses without forcing your body to take a polar bear plunge too.


2. A spa-like experience with customized water flow

A spa-like shower is a great way to relax, melt away tension, and relieve sore muscles. Thanks to their adjustable spray settings, handheld shower heads are ideal for turnning your bathroom into a personal spa retreat. Whether you want a powerful flow or a rainforest-like spritz, the top handheld shower heads will let you find the perfect spray pattern to suit your needs.

With the hai smart hand-held shower head, you can access multiple spray settings right on the handle with a handy (literally) control slider. Tailor your shower's spray with a slide of your finger instead of battling a rush of water while trying to adjust your settings on the shower head itself like most shower heads on the market. Try hai’s gentle spa mist, strong steady spray—or all the other settings in between.

A Women using a shower head to wash the dog

3. Easier bath time for kids and pets

Take the stress out of bath time and hair washing sessions for kids by eliminating intimidating overhead water flows. Instead of scaring your kiddos, a handheld shower allows you to target your spray and avoid common issues like soap in the eyes.

A handheld shower can help you replicate a trip to the groomers from the comfort of your home. Concentrate the spray right where Fido needs it to seamlessly wash away pet smells and mess—and save money.

Shower tip

hai smart shower heads have handheld control sliders to help you find the perfect spray patterns to clean your pets. Pets especially love the misting function for a gentler wash.

4. Conserve water and reduce your carbon footprint

Water is one of the planet's most precious resources, but fixed shower heads send unused gallons (and money) directly down the drain. Because hand showers allow you to direct water exactly where you need it, they waste significantly less water. Not only does this lead to lower water bills, but it also means less energy is required to heat your water. That translates to a smaller carbon footprint.

Some manufacturers even offer low-flow handheld showerheads designed to give you the best shower experience with the least amount of waste. hai’s water-saving shower heads come in 2.5 GPM and 1.8-GPM designs. Both will help you save water and the lower-flow version mimics the effects of the higher-flow model, so you'll still get a spa-like shower experience while reducing your environmental impact.