Spa Bathroom Ideas to Elevate Your Self-Care Sessions

Spa bathroom ideas to elevate your self-care sessions 

Wondering how to improve your at-home shower experience? We get it. Trips to the gym, the spa or hotels shouldn’t be the only times showers feel out of this world! 

Here are a few at-home, spa bathroom ideas that can give you the results you’ve been craving without breaking the bank…

Natural touches

Get a non-slip shower mat made from smooth stones. It’ll feel great beneath your feet, contribute to your shower aesthetic and help you maintain an eco-friendly bathroom. Bonus: there’s no need to wait for those few-and-far opportunities to walk outside with bare feet. You’ll have a mini grounding session every time you leave the shower instead! Here are a few more nature-inspired elements you might like to bring into your space: non-toxic, organic incense, an essential oil diffuser and eco-safe bath towels made from bamboo.

Self-care amplified through sound

Play spa-inspired playlists or a more energetic tracklist through a high quality, waterproof speaker for the shower. There are lots of great options to choose from.

Ridiculously-good soaks and scents 

Buy shower steamers with the essential oils of your choice to turn some showers into soothing aromatherapy sessions. Use bubbles or soaking salts for the occasional bath.

Plant friends are good company 

Explore the plants that would do well in your shower, then add a few to your space. If you don’t have a green thumb, that’s totally okay – lots of varieties need little attention to thrive.

Basking in a good glow 

Take advantage of natural sunlight for a more serene spa-time environment or turn off the lights and let candles set the vibes at night.

Keeping the cozy vibes 

Buy a high quality spa robe meant to last for a long time. You can get soft and cuddly robes made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, sustainable linen, plant-based Modal and recycled materials (you’d be surprised!).  

hai can also help you elevate your spa game:

Feel-good water flow 

Even if you have poor shower pressure, your water will the strength to activate your hai shower head’s Bluetooth, via its hydro-powered turbine. We figured water-generated power would be a fun and effortless way to save energy. And whether you buy the 1.8-GPM or 2.5-GPM model, you can be sure your showers will feel great. We designed our low-flow shower head to mimic the experience of our standard flow design.

Best-in-class spray tech 

You may not be able to control water pressure, but you can control other elements of your in-shower vibes. Tap into the moment to curate your favorite at-home spa experience – use the hai spa-control slider to choose your own experience. Located on an ergonomic handle, it allows you to customize your spray. Switch it up– choose from a fine mist to steady streams of shower pressure for the ultimate in personalization. Plus: our next-level nozzle is attached to a flexible, 4.9 ft. hose and offers more coverage than the average shower head so you can feel better while getting clean. 

Enjoy hai while it’s mounted like a fixed nozzle, or use its extra-long, flexible hose for targeted coverage, easier hair care routines and no-mess cleaning sessions. 

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, and no matter what your shower’s water pressure is like, hai makes it easy for you to do better for the planet, all while feeling great. So upgrade your daily routine for an elevated self-care ritual!