How to Make Your Own DIY Spa Day

How to make your own DIY spa day 

You love the spa, but there’s not always time to plan a trip. No sweat – use these tips to make your own DIY spa day in the comfort of your home.

Set the scene for a relaxing DIY spa day

The best spas and salons set the scene with music that immediately gets you in the zone. Play some great spa-inspired tunes to shift your energy and help you feel relaxed. Get in the zone with this soothing playlist.

Give yourself a pro mani and pedi

Get can’t-stop-looking-at-them nails at home with a system for achieving easy, pro-level results. The Complete System by Olive and June is a great option with accuracy-assisting tools and simple online tutorials. The set includes the Polish Mani System and the Pedi System, filled with the usual nail care suspects plus an award-winning cuticle serum, a foot serum and long-lasting nail polish (including a limited-edition hue). 

Take a spa-like shower at home

Turn your shower into a mind-body experience with hai. It’s an eco-friendly, smart showerhead with full coverage (read: better than the average showerhead) for a better-feeling session every time. It helps you take spa-like showers too, thanks to a spray control slider that seamlessly shifts from a concentrated spray to an ethereal mist and several settings in between.

Pro tip: Add exfoliation to your skincare routine for glowing, clean skin! 

Have a DIY face steam

Give your circulation a nudge and tap into the restorative sensation of a face steaming session.

DIY needs: hot water, a big bowl, rose petals (optional) 

  • Fill the bowl with hot water and sprinkle the rose petals on top. 
  • Close your eyes and mouth, then lean over the bowl for 10-15 minutes. 

Or to sit back and relax, soak a towel or washcloth in hot (but not scalding) water. Squeeze out the excess water, then drape it over your face. Unwind for 10-15 minutes while the towel does the work. 

Relax beneath a weighted blanket

Lie beneath a weighted blanket to keep the calm vibes flowing. There’s a reason why they started trending during the pandemic. Weighted blankets aren’t just cozy – they apply deep touch pressure to your body, a technique used in deep pressure therapy (DPT). Deep touch pressure combats stress and anxiety and some people even say it improves their quality of sleep. 

Sip fruit-infused spa water 

Finally, what's a spa day without refreshing, healthy drinks? Fill a pitcher with water, cucumber slices, your favorite berries and a few pieces of fresh mint. Refrigerate it for at least 30 minutes, then start sipping! It should stay fresh for 2-3 days. 

Ahh…there’s nothing like a self-care ritual at home.