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How to Increase Shower Head Pressure

The shower is a sanctuary. It’s your place to kickstart your energy for the day or unwind to leave the day’s events behind.

So don’t let lackluster shower head pressure get you down.

Here’s a few things you can do to turn things around.No plumbers needed.

hai Surf Water-Saving Showerhead

1. Diagnose the issue.

Let’s start with the basics. Find out why you have less than amazing shower head pressure.

Is it your shower head?

A shower’s gallons per minute, or GPM, controls the amount of water that can flow through a shower head. All shower heads have their GPM etched onto it, so it’s easy to check the flow rate. If your shower head is the culprit, it’s an easy fix. You can swap out your existing shower head for a higher flow model (some states’ restrictions allow for higher rates). Check out those restrictions here

Is it your shower?

If the actual water pressure coming from your pipes is lower than your shower head’s GPM, no matter how high the rate your shower head allows, the flow will always be controlled by your shower. You can learn how to measure your shower’s GPM here. In this case, the best thing you can do is buy a shower head designed for lower-flow environments.

Thankfully, no matter the cause, you can still buy a better shower head to elevate your experience.

  • You can buy another low-flow shower head that offers a better performance.
  • Or you can buy a higher-flow shower head.

There are different regulations around the country, but you’re good to go as long as you don’t pass your state’s gallons-per-minute (GPM) limit.

Buy a water-saving shower head with good pressure.

Times have changed. You can buy an efficient, low-flow shower head and still have amazing showers. Companies have gotten savvier about creating lower-flow designs, so they still mimic the feel of a higher-flow shower or strong water pressure at home.

Aerating shower heads are a great example of this. They mix water and air to replicate the feel of higher water pressure.


2. Switch to an efficient shower head with a low-flow rate.

Your low-flow shower head doesn’t have to sacrifice the experience. The best low-flow shower heads offer a great feel – no matter what your water pressure is like.

New Citron Eco-Friendly Showerhead By hai

Get a smart shower head by hai.

Whether you’re eyeing the 1.8-GPM low-flow shower head* or 2.5-GPM standard design,** try out the hai experience; it’ll transform your daily routine into an elevated self-care ritual.

  • Use the spa-control slider to choose your own experience: from gentle mists to firm and steady pressure.
  • Feel better while you get clean. Our designs cover more area than the average shower head so you can get the in-shower upgrade you crave.
  • Plus there’s no need to wait. You can install hai yourself.
  • Extra bonus! Beyond a better showering experience, hai shower heads feature water-powered bluetooth technology that pairs with a partner app so you can customize the shower’s LED lights and track shower usage overtime

If you live in a state that permits a higher shower head GPM, hai offers great higher-flow 2.5-GPM shower heads.

If you have a low flow environment or are shopping for an eco-efficient shower head, hai offers specially designed 1.8-GPM shower heads that feels just as invigorating as our highest flow 2.5-GPM model, all while using less water. Now you can enjoy strong and steady streams of water even if your shower pressure is less than ideal.

You can have it all: doing better for the planet while feeling great!

*If you live in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Washington, New York or Vermont, the 1.8-GPM design meets your limits.

**2.5 GPM is the highest shower head flow of any state in the U.S.