White Bathroom with Mirror and Smart Shower Head

Best Design Hacks to Maximize and Upgrade Your Small Bathroom

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1. Get organized

Your bathroom will feel crowded if you have to walk around objects in your path. But even if those items are on your countertops, they’ll still give the impression of a cramped space.

So reduce clutter and get organized:

  • Store space-saving organization bins beneath your sink. Label them for easy access to your everyday essentials.
  • For items you’d like to keep out, use a few stylish baskets. It’s a storage trick that doubles as decor.
  • Move extra countertop objects into your mirror cabinets.
  • If you still need more room, just look up. Vertical storage is a great way to save space. Think about installing shelves over your toilet.

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2. Improve your decor

Liven up your space:

  • Accent wall paper can add lots of style to a tiny space. Just avoid dark colors or they’ll only make your bathroom feel smaller.
  • Opt for minimal shower curtains instead of patterned, busy styles.
  • Small touches – like fashionable soap dispensers, can go a long way.

New Moon Handheld Shower Head By hai

3. Get a new bathroom shower head

Unfortunately, most bathrooms are home to unsightly shower heads. Especially rentals. So when you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom with an attractive, easy-to-clean design,get hai.

It’s smart and eco-friendly too...you can even install it yourself. Plus the shower face comes in six fun hues to add a playful pop of color.

White Room With Lights

4. Swap out your lighting

Dark corners can create the optical illusion that they’re cut off from the rest of your space. Illuminate them to open things up.

Also avoid big, visually-heavy light fixtures. They’ll only make your bathroom feel crowded.

A Mirror & Tree

5. Create the illusion of more space

Here are a few more tips to create the sensation of a bigger room:

  • Buy lighter-colored towels and rugs
  • Only store small objects on your open shelves
  • Hang a mirror or two (medium or large, with thin frames)

Your sanctuary deserves nothing less.