A hand touching water from a water-saving showerhead

The Benefits of Using a Handheld Shower Head

Ready to shop for a new shower head? If you don’t have specific features in mind, the hours can definitely fly by without narrowing down your selection. For starters, no two shower head models are the same so it can be easy to get bogged down by the wide range of options across stores and online.

So let’s help you save some time. 

If you want to create a better shower experience in one simple step, look no further than buying a new handheld shower head! We’ve been converted and there’s no going back. And we think you’ll feel the same way too! 

Read on to find out the top three reasons we switched to using a handheld shower head over traditional fixed shower heads like rain shower head models…

Handheld shower heads offer better accuracy

Handheld shower head styles, also known as hand showers, give you lots of control and precision. The power is literally in your hands – giving you the coverage, aim and flexibility to enjoy a more targeted wash. 

Save time: 

  • Rinse off soap and beauty products faster
  • Gain easy access to places like the bottom of your feet 
  • Shave a minute or two off your shower time 
  • Stop splashing excess water outside of the tub (less to clean after your shower)

Improve your shower sessions:

  • Keep your hair dry when you’re only cleansing your body
  • Avoid your body when you’re only washing your hair
  • Massage your muscles after a workout 

Make bath time easier for your kids:

  • Take the stress out of bath time and hair washing sessions (no more intimidating overhead rainfalls!)

Reduce your carbon footprint:

  • Use less water
  • Use less energy 

Pro Tip: hai’s water-saving shower heads come in 2.5 GPM and 1.8-GPM designs. Both will help you save water and the lowest-flow version mimics the effects of the higher-flow model so you can still feel amazing while reducing your impact even more!

Save money:

  • Reduce your water bills 
  • Reduce your energy bills 

That’s a lot of benefits, and we’re sure we haven’t mentioned them all! 

Pro Tip: Rinse your hair with cold water at the end of your shower for healthier and stronger hair. With a handheld shower head, you can reserve that cold blast for your tresses and leave your body alone!

Handheld shower heads make it easier to clean your shower

Unlike a fixed shower head – which includes shower heads that mount onto your bathroom ceiling or wall, a handheld shower head will simplify your cleaning sessions. And unlike fixed shower head options, you won’t end up with unwanted residue in those hard-to-reach corners of your shower or tub – residue that can lead to staining, mildew and other tough bathroom woes. 

If you have a good floor drain at home, a handheld shower head with a long hose can also make it a lot easier to get sparkling-clean bathroom floors at home. 

Finally, the flexible hose and handheld design make it easier to clean the shower head itself. Make a habit of cleaning your shower head on a regular basis. You’ll prevent clogging that can reduce your water pressure and gross buildup from mineral deposits, bacteria and mold. A deeper clean once a month should do it!

Pro Tip: Give your shower a good, quick rinse after every shower session. Don’t forget to aim for the corners of your shower or tub and to blast the walls too. This prevents a lot of the icky buildup that would require a ton of scrubbing and patience later on – this is especially helpful for tough-to-clean materials like grout.

To really take cleaning to another level, shop the hai smart shower head! Note the easy-clean highlights: 

  • Ergonomic design (comfortable, easy to use and safer and more accessible for the elderly and people with disabilities)
  • Attached to a flexible, extra-long hose (it’s one piece that measures 4.9 feet!)
  • The hose has a smooth-to-the-touch finish (nowhere for gunk to hide or build up)
  • High quality, stainless steel frame (easy to clean, designed to be used for years)
  • Handheld control slider for different spray patterns (get the cleaning precision you crave)

The hai smart shower head is an eco-friendly item that comes in a variety of amazing hues. It’s easy to install too – that means no tools required and no need to call a plumber. Visit the hai website to learn more and to see answers to frequently asked questions. There’s a lot to love! 

Pro Tip: While you won’t need tools to install your hai, you might need to use basic tools to remove your old shower head if it’s stubborn. First, try removing it with your hands. If it’s stuck or stubborn, you can learn how to install handheld shower heads without tools here. Finally, if none of those work, you can just use a basic, adjustable wrench or adjustable pliers. Once you’ve taken it off, just attach your hai shower head to your shower arm with your bare hands. Good stuff.

Set yourself up for success. Make cleaning sessions that much easier – for you and your bathroom!

Handheld shower heads make it easier to wash your pets

Share the love! Instead of scaring your fuzzy friends with an overhead flood of water, shop for a handheld shower head to get even closer for less stress and improved accuracy, every time. You might even be able to bathe your pets faster (of course that’s also up to them!). Finally, you can reserve those trips to the groomer for special occasions. When it’s that much easier to clean your pets on your own, why not save your time and money?

Pro Tip: If you shop for a hai smart shower head, use the handheld control slider to find the perfect pressure or stream to clean your pets. Pets especially love the misting function for a gentler and cleaner wash.

With so many benefits and uses, it’s easy to see why handheld shower heads are the way to go! And whenever you feel like having the experience of a fixed shower head, you only need to place your handheld shower head on its mount. It’s really the best of both worlds. When you can improve your showers, keep your bathroom cleaner, save water and even make it easier to give your pets a bath, it’s easy to say yes. 

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