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Benefits of Using a Handheld Shower Head

Looking to spice up your daily shower routine with a new shower head? Here’s all the reasons why we’ve converted to using a handheld shower head over traditional overhead models.

1. Better accuracy

Handheld shower heads give you all the control you crave. The power is literally in your hands, giving you the coverage, aim and flexibility to enjoy a more targeted wash. 

With better accuracy, you can:

  • Rinse off soap and beauty products faster 
  • Keep your hair dry when you’re only cleansing your body 
  • Avoid your body when you’re only washing your hair 
  • Use less water 

Pro Tip: Rinse your hair with cold water at the end of your shower for healthier and stronger hair. With a handheld shower head, you can avoid blasting that cold on your body.

2. Easier to clean your shower

Handheld shower heads make it so much easier to clean. Unlike fixed shower heads, you won’t end up with unwanted residue in those hard-to reach corners of your shower or tub. 

Plus the hai smart shower head takes cleaning to another level:

  • Ergonomic design (comfortable, easy to use and safe)
  • Flexible, extra-long hose (4.9 ft!)
  • Smooth hose (nowhere for gunk to hide)

So make things easier for yourself. Handheld shower heads are cleaner for you and your bathroom!

3. Bonus! Easier to wash your pets

Instead of scaring your fuzzy friends with an overhead flood of water, use a handheld shower head to get closer for improved accuracy. 

You might even be able to bathe your pets faster (of course that’s also up to them!).

Pro Tip: Use the hai smart shower head’s control slider to find the perfect pressure or stream to clean your pets. Pets especially love the misting function from the hai smart shower head for a gentler and cleaner wash.