Woman Taking A Shower With hai Smart Shower Head

3 benefits of adding a water-saving shower head to your bathroom

Sometimes the idea of living more sustainably can feel seriously overwhelming. With so many lifestyle-change suggestions and new, greener products appearing on the market, you might be wondering where you could possibly start. Thankfully, there are lots of easy, accessible options that can go a really long way. For instance, you can save significant water and energy, just by upgrading your standard shower head. Most shower heads waste a lot more water and energy than you need – especially older models.

Read on to learn how a water-saving shower head can help you save money, help your local community and decrease your impact on the environment.

1. Water-saving technology can help you save money 

Unfortunately, paying your utility bills is non-negotiable. However, you can minimize your expenses. The right water-saving shower head, eco-friendly devices and lifestyle habits can help you save money or free up cash for something more fun. 

The best water-saving shower heads, like hai, use smart tech to help you reduce your consumption and reduce your water and energy costs. 

Some smart shower heads can help you:

  • Set and meet your own water-saving and energy-saving goals
  • Know when the water’s warm enough to hop in the shower 
  • Track your water and energy use for each shower, and over time 
  • See how your water use compares to the rest of the country
  • …and more!

With the right tools, conserving water and energy can be easy and fun! 

Tackling utility bills in the summer

Utility bills tend to be a lot higher in the summer. If you’re able to use less water from June through August, you’ll be able to largely reduce your energy and water bill. More money for road trips and ice cream – yay! 

Pro Tip: Take cooler showers in the summer months to lower your bills even more. Heating water uses energy – and the U.S. Department of Energy estimates a staggering 20% of home energy use can be attributed to the simple act of heating water!  Energy use adds up – just a few minutes of cooler temperatures can make a difference over time.

2. Your water conservation efforts help your community

Who knew you could help your community without leaving the house? With a water-saving shower head like hai, you can give back through one of your most intimate activities. Help your neighborhood, county or state reserve resources with eco-optimized showers– the savings are up to you. Set eco goals based on your comfort level, then tweak them at your own pace to help your community thrive. Together, our showers can start a revolution – saving water at scale, one shower at a time!

How to reduce the risk of a summer blackout

Notorious summer blackouts are caused by long days of blasting air conditioners combined with other excessive power use. The collective impact of your building, block or neighborhood’s energy consumption can overload local power systems, leading to temporary but seriously uncomfortable blackouts for apartments and houses alike. Here’s a summertime and heat wave tip to remember – reduce your energy usage to reduce the strain on your local power systems. There’s so much to gain when we all do our part!

3. Water-saving shower head features help the planet

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), showers account for almost 17% of our indoor water use at home! The EPA estimates that amounts to almost 40 gallons of water per day for the average family in the U.S. 

No need to feel overwhelmed– we’re here to help! Whether you’re looking for a handheld shower head or a fixed shower head style, it’s important to look for a model that saves water – because those gallons of water can really add up. 

There’s actually a wide range of water-saving shower head options on the market. So your best bet is to learn a little bit about all your options, then look for the water-saving feature that makes the most sense for you. 

For example, there are:

  • Rain shower models with low-flow heads (fixed shower heads)
  • Handheld low-flow shower heads (they do double duty to work like fixed shower heads too)
  • Shower heads with non-aerated flows (they squeeze water through tiny holes for more pressure and a massaging, strong spray)
  • Smart, low-flow shower heads (like hai!)
  • …and more!

Look for great features like these in your new shower head:

  • Different spray settings 
  • Anti-clog nozzles
  • Consistent stream
  • Flexible hose 
  • Solid metal construction
  • Easy installation

A quick note about shower head flow rates

The flow rate of your shower head matters too. When we mentioned how most shower heads don’t do enough to save water and energy, we mentioned older shower heads too. Besides the limitations of their designs, we’ve come a long way with shower head water flow regulations. 

The standard maximum flow rate in the U.S. is 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) as of 1992’s Energy Policy Act. This regulation was designed to minimize our collective energy and water consumption as a country. But some states have even stricter water flow standards to make each shower do even more for our conservation efforts. So far, those states include California, Colorado, Hawaii, New York, Vermont and Washington, states with 2.0 or 1.8-GPM limits.

Conserve water in higher quantities with a lower flow rate shower head, or shop for an eco-efficient shower head with a standard flow rate of 2.5 GPM. Either way, with the right shower head, your water pressure should still feel great! 

Meet hai’s low-flow shower head and higher-flow design

hai is an eco-minded, water-saving shower head that offers an incredible, at-home spa experience.

It’s smart:

  • Customizable LED alerts 
  • Shower head syncs with accompanying app 
  • You can set new water and energy usage goals
  • You can track your consumption over time 

hai’s smart shower head system and accompanying app make it easy to set, track and meet your shower water and energy usage goals. Pair the shower head to the app with Bluetooth, customize your color-coded LED lights and get clean. Use the LED lights to see when you’re about to meet your water usage goal and to find out when the water’s warm enough to get in! Compare today’s shower with past sessions or see how your usage compares to your wider community.

It’s a high quality product:

  • Solid metal construction of stainless steel
  • Extra-long, flexible hose 
  • Designed to be used for years

Calling everyone who loves DIY – hai is designed for an easy installation! No plumber or complex tools needed. Just remove your old shower head from your shower arm, then use the installation instructions in the hai app to attach your new shower head by hand in minutes.

It’s good for the environment:

  • Helps you save water 
  • Helps you save energy 
  • hai shower head is powered by water 
  • Eco-friendly tips and content in the app 

hai is available in two different flow rate options: 1.8 and 2.5 GPM. These handheld shower heads both offer a great spa-like experience*, but the lower flow-rate model saves even more water and energy than the higher-flow rate, standard GPM model. You can choose the perfect spray setting for every shower, thanks to hai’s handheld spray control slider. Choose a strong spray of steady streams all the way to a fine, rainforest-style mist.

Water-saving shower heads make it easy to save money on your energy and water bills, help your community and do good for the planet. Remember, the best low-flow shower head will meet your water conservation goals while still offering an incredible shower experience. Good clean fun!

*That’s why our 1.8-gallons-per-minute (GPM), low-flow shower head has a WaterSense certification label from the EPA!