3 benefits of adding a water-saving showerhead to your bathroom

Getting a water-saving showerhead like hai is an easy way to save money, help your community and help the planet. Good clean fun. 


Pink Piggy Bank

1. Save money.

Utility bills are non-negotiable, but you can minimize your expenses. The right water-saving showerhead, eco-friendly devices and lifestyle habits can help you save money or free up cash for something fun. Enter hai, a more enjoyable way to improve that dreaded utility bill. 

hai’s smart shower head system and accompanying app make it easy to set, track and meet your water and energy goals. Pair the showerhead to the app with Bluetooth, customize your color-coded LED lights and get clean. Compare today’s shower with past sessions or see how your usage compares to your wider community.


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2. Help your community.

Who knew you could help your community without leaving the house? With a water-saving showerhead like hai, you can give back through one of your most intimate activities. Help your neighborhood, county or state reserve resources with eco-optimized showers– the savings are up to you. Set eco goals based on your comfort level, then tweak them at your own pace to help your community thrive.

Summertime Tip: Reducing energy use can seriously elevate your summer. Notorious summer blackouts are a result of long days of blasting air conditioning plus other excessive power use. The collective impact can overload power systems, leading to temporary, uncomfortable blackouts for apartments and houses alike.

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3. Help the Planet

We’re all a lot more knowledgeable about the impact we have on our planet and we have what it takes to make the necessary mindset and lifestyle shifts. What’s great about hai’s water-saving showerhead is that it’s eco-minded – with zero experience sacrifice*. Have fun customizing your alerts, setting new water and energy usage goals and outdoing your eco-smart showers. Upgrade your bathroom and shower experience while respecting the planet; let the water mindfulness revolution begin. 

*That’s why the EPA awarded our 1.8 gallons-per-minute (GPM) design with a WaterSense certification.