The shower for bath lovers

Bath bombs are so yesterday. Say hello to shower infusions.

The hai fuse is the ultimate tool for your shower

Perfect for any handheld shower

An easy add-on for any handheld shower (not just hai!)

Add in your favorite shower products

Add shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for an elevated application.

Shower your way to a healthier you

Pop in a hai infusion for a brighter morning, stronger recovery, and calmer evening.

Fuse + Discovery Set Bundle



5 reasons why you’ll love hai infusions


Innovative and sleek

Forget those old, clunky, over-the-top bombs. These tablets are perfectly compact and easy to handle.


Formulated with pure essential oils

Infusions are filled with all the good — think natural essential oils and thoughtfully selected vitamins and minerals.


Leaves no trace

Unlike bath bombs with lingering residue, infusions easily dissolve in your fuse and require no cleanup.


Comes in water-dissolvable packaging

Ditch plastic packaging; our infusions use innovative, eco-friendly sachets. Just toss it on the shower floor and let the water work its magic.


Primes skin with vitamins and minerals

Instead of synthetic-filled bath bombs, our infusions support your skin with vitamins and minerals.

Our hai standards, for you

Smart technology

Patented spray

Durable materials

Sustainably minded

The best way to discover hai infusions

Fuse + Discovery Set Bundle

Shower your way to better sleep, energy, and recovery with the hai fuse and hai discovery set bundle. This set features nine vitamin-rich and aromatherapeutic shower infusions, plus the add-on fuse tool for your new favorite shower ritual.

1 x hai fuse

3 x Energy Boost: Your morning go-to with Caffeine, mandarin, vitamins B12, C, D3, and E

3 x Repair: Your post-workout staple with Eucalyptus, citric acid, and vitamin D3

3 x Relax: Your evening wind down with Lavender, vitamin B12, sandalwood



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Good for you
& the planet

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