There’s Science Behind Tree Hugging

 Grounding describes a set of practices that help you feel more present and more connected to yourself and your environment. Sometimes it’s based on certain actions, like specific yoga flows and meditation sessions. Other times, you’re literally connecting with the ground outside. 

In fact, the most profound grounding rituals involve getting hands-on with nature. That could be taking a walk on grass or sand with bare feet or even hugging a tree (seriously!). Here’s the science: our planet’s ions can support us in everything from decreasing inflammation to battling chronic stress. On an emotional or mental level, grounding creates a sense of stability and calm. 

How to get grounded outside:

Weather permitting, get outside on a regular basis to walk on a safe surface with no shoes. You might find great grounding spots in local parks, beaches or even your backyard. 

Indoor grounding rituals:

When it’s not convenient or ideal to connect with the outdoors, you can still get grounded at home:

Whether you’re having a picnic, relaxing at home or flying at 36,000 feet, all you need is a few minutes to channel a little more calm.