There’s a Dance For That

Our bodies manifest and store emotions, which can lead to never-ending cycles of tension and stress. You might not even notice the signs unless you get a massage, get injured or lose flexibility. Thankfully, dancing can be a great source of relief!

Dance offers:

  • Cardio workouts   
  • Memory training 
  • Play (adults need play too!)  
  • Creativity 
  • Social activity 

Dance with others at a party, concert or nightclub or join a class. Or let loose and dance like no one’s watching at home! You can bust out those moves any time to your favorite tunes or even stream choreographed workouts from the comfort of your home. 

Here are a few of our faves!

  • Afrovibe™: The enthusiasm of Afrovibe™’s Afro-Caribbean cardio dance workouts is contagious. In this session, the founder demos a fully-choreographed routine before breaking it down for you, step by step. 
  • Apple Fitness+ Dance: Dance to everything from electronic music and 80s hits to soca and the latest from Billie Elish. Three instructors have fun and encourage you to embrace imperfection as they guide you through energetic choreography routines.  
  • Mike Peele: Join Mike Peele and his fellow instructors for a feel-good hip-hop dance workout complete with easy-to-follow instructions. 

However you decide to get moving, it’s a great way to manage stress, stay fit and have a good time.