Sleep or Caffeine? No Need to Choose.

Sometimes a nap turns into a big mistake. You sleep for a while, only to wake up more sluggish than ever. And sometimes you’re too rundown for caffeine. Those are the moments when you’re just as tired post-java, but jittery too. 

Thankfully, coffee naps (and tea naps) are different. They help you quickly access the best of both worlds. 

What is a coffee nap?

Coffee naps coordinate the main onset time of caffeine, so you take a super short nap, then wake when it takes effect. 

  1. Drink a cup of coffee or caffeinated tea.  
  2. Set your alarm for 15-20 minutes later.
  3. Go to sleep.*

You’ll wake up feeling the benefits of quality sleep and a dose of caffeine. 

When to do it:

So whether you’ve had a late night out, your energy is dragging during the week or you’d appreciate a cognitive boost in the afternoon, coffee naps can help you accomplish everything you need. 

*Don’t worry if you don’t fall asleep quickly or easily. Dozing off a little goes a long way.