Self-care is a breath of fresh air

Self-care is a breath of fresh air of the best self-care tools is free and accessible to all: focusing on the breath.

You’d be surprised how often we find we’re barely breathing. Make a point of checking in with your breath a few times today. You may just discover you hold your breath in moments of anxiety or focus, or that you habitually take shallow breaths. 

Breathing is a subconscious effort, but with a little focus and practice, you can leverage them to help your body and mind. It’s even a big part of different fitness and mindfulness practices. Yoga and meditation have tons of techniques to choose from, while Pilates breathing is always a deep inhale through the nose, and an exhale through the mouth.

So check in a few times a day to make sure your breath mirrors how you’d like to feel. Take a few longer breaths to calm your body and energize your mind. Or follow your breathing without changing a thing. Simply tracking your inhales and exhales can get you back into your body to be mindful once again. 

Breathe into the moment in the shower (oh, hai), at the office, or on the go.