Meeting Friends for Coffee or Tea

Meeting Friends for Coffee or Tea

We’ve never had more ways to connect from afar, and yet loneliness is more widespread than ever

Shared rituals with others have the power to strengthen the bonds of your friendships and deepen your emotional connections. But no need to reinvent the wheel when looking for bonding rituals. 

Creating a shared ritual is as easy as taking everyday moments, such as grabbing a calming cup of tea or motivating espresso, and sharing that moment with others.

This ritual is the rare activity that takes things back to basics: relaxed vibes without tons of distractions and easy conversation (between snacks and sips!). It’s a yummy ritual and the perfect way to catch up with friends.

The cafe ritual is also:

  • A low-commitment social activity (no need to dress up)
  • A fun way to spend quality time with friends 
  • Easy to fit into your schedule (even an hour will do)
  • A great excuse to spend time offline

In a world of fancy, social media ready-plans, there’s still nothing like a simple meetup with friends.

So call up your friends and carve out some time to amplify everyday experiences into new intimate rituals.