Let Your [Meditation] App Be Your Guide

Whether you’re new to meditation or you just feel like switching things up, read on to learn why guided meditations could be your new favorite ritual.

What’s special about guided meditations?

Guided meditations add a sense of structure to the experience. A voice takes the lead with slow, careful prompts or instructions to gently accompany you in your meditative state. A guide might excite your imagination, share tips on how to breathe or help you feel more present with mindfulness exercises. 

Following the lead of a soothing voice can help you stay interested, keep your mind from wandering or tune out distractions. Or if you’ve faced serious trauma, a reassuring voice might be the only way a closed-eye meditation session feels comfortable.

Try these guided meditations to see if any suits your style, or join a local meditation center in your community:

  • Honest Guys: This meditation session takes you on a faraway journey and stimulates your imagination for long-lasting, restorative feelings of peace. Even their shortest meditation sessions make a difference!
  • Meditative Mind: This stress-busting meditation session is especially helpful for beginners. It offers guidance on preparation, posture, breathing and more to help reduce stress and calm the mind. 
  • Headspace: Some guided meditations give you more time to yourself, like this “Managing Anxiety” series. The course has 30 meditation sessions – 10 dedicated to learning and the final 20 to practice and mastery. You can choose to listen to one of four Headspace instructors with the option to switch them up every time. 

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