How to Travel Without a Passport this New Year’s Eve

While there’s nothing wrong with smooching your significant other and sipping champagne at midnight, you might be ready to switch things up. Consider greeting 2022 with these international New Year’s rituals instead.

Try these fun (and easy) rituals from around the globe 

Eat grapes. 

Ring in the new year like you’re in Spain! Have grapes on hand for you and your guests, then start giving them out a few minutes before midnight. Everyone should be ready to start eating 12 grapes each at the stroke of midnight. This longtime Spanish tradition represents setting up the new year for lots of luck. Every grape represents a lucky month of the year. 

Wear white.

Skip sequins to wear white on New Year’s Eve like a Brazilian. It represents peace and prosperity. While Brazilians across many cultures and backgrounds wear white, the tradition comes from Candomblé, an African diasporic religion popularly practiced in Brazil.

Host a barbecue. 

Since it’s summertime in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s probably not too surprising to learn Australians ring in the new year on boats and at beaches and parks. Celebratory outdoor barbecues are also common. So if you live somewhere with milder weather, why not kick off an annual barbecue event of your own? 

Visualize your dreams.

Algerians write down their New Year wishes and resolutions on January 1st. Both adults and children make their resolutions official, capturing them on decorated paper. Meet with friends to craft your own 2022 vision boards. 

Party on the 1st. 

If New Year’s Eve is usually a letdown for you and your friends, consider celebrating like a European. While there’s no shortage of parties on the 31st, many countries across Europe celebrate the night of the 1st too, and those events are often bigger and better. Think about sitting out the overcrowded night of outsized expectations for pressure-free festivities one day later.