How to Color Your Way to Calm

Finding thoughts and other distractions to be too intrusive, a lot of people feel intimidated by the concept of traditional meditation. So it’s that much more fascinating that most people will find themselves in semi-meditative states just by coloring. Even if it wasn’t the goal.

Adult coloring books

The concept of adult coloring books might sound strange...a coloring book is a coloring book, right? Not exactly. The grown-up versions of these art books tend to feature far more detailed designs to really get you into that focused, meditative space.

Chasing perfection

There’s a beauty to their complexity, and it’s a lot more difficult to color between the lines. Consider it an opportunity for growth!

  • Shift your goal to enjoying the process instead of aiming for flawless results. 
  • Start coloring, then see how long it takes you to finally give into your mistakes. 

It’s a great way to tackle perfectionist tendencies head on!

Use adult coloring books to unwind and de-stress while giving yourself the space to have fun without chasing perfection.