Face Massages: Ritualize Your Skincare Routine

Spas can be amazing, but we always crave those feel-good self-care rituals we can do all by ourselves. 

That’s why face massages are so great. You can do them just about anywhere, anytime. And they perk up your outer appearance while helping you feel more relaxed within. 

To get started, you’ll need clean hands and a face cream*, serum or oil. The moisture will help your fingers glide gently across your skin without discomfort or excessive tugging. 

Depuff your eyes.

  • Use your ring fingers, they’ll apply less pressure to the extra-sensitive area around your eyes.
  • Gently trace circles around your eyes, starting with the perimeter of the undereye area, tracing up past the side of your nose, tracing the brow bones and completing the circle. 
  • Repeat for a few continuous circles.

Benefits: effective eye cream application, depuffing the eye area  

Stimulate your circulation.

  • Put a little face oil, face serum or face cream on your forehead, cheeks and chin.
  • Gently tap all over your forehead with the tops of the fingers of both of your hands.
  • Repeat the move, this time all over your cheeks.
    • Take the move to your chin and jaw, this time tapping in an upward direction.

    Benefits: effective serum or oil application, depuffing all over, revitalizing your skin

    *face serum or face oil works best