Cold Shower, Clear Mind.

Coffee gets all of the attention but cold water can perk you up faster than caffeine. So enjoy a cold water ritual anytime you need a boost.

Cold showers

We get it. Taking a cold shower* by choice seems like an odd thing to do. But the cold water will increase your circulation and the feeling of cold can also give you an energetic rush. 

Just take things slowly. Start showering at your favorite temperature (your hai will let you know when it’s ready). Get used to that temperature, then gradually cool the water until it’s not too much of a shock. You might want to finish your whole sudsing and cleansing routine before you start adjusting the temperature. 

Only spend about a minute showering with cold water before you get out. 

And that’s it. Get ready to feel refreshed. Everyone’s different but you might have greater mental clarity and feel more awake and alert. It also reminds us to step out of our comfort zones now and then.

Bonus: Hot showers can be comforting but they can wreak havoc on your skin. Cooler water can help you avoid super dry skin. 

Hot steams, cold rinses 

If the gradual process is still too much, you can ease into it better with a steam. The next time you take a steam shower, start introducing the cold water after your core body temperature is clearly elevated. You’ll still feel invigorated but the cold water won’t feel jarring (it probably won’t even feel cold). 

Other people swear by morning plunge pool sessions, but you don’t need fancy equipment to harness the cold. And you can take this concept anywhere. Drink a glass of cold water or splash some water on your face for a quick pick-me-up on the go. 

*Speak with your doctor before starting a cold shower or cold plunge routine. Neither practice is advisable for people with certain medical conditions, including heart disease.