Because Who Wants to Count Sheep?

Relaxation is one of the most important ingredients for getting a good night’s sleep. And getting good sleep has a major impact on our health, how we feel and how we function throughout the day. It’s critical to give sleep the attention it deserves.

That’s where evening wind-down rituals enter the picture. 

Design a nighttime ritual you’ll love, then put it into action at least one hour before bed (start even earlier if you can). The best ritual for you will come down to your unique preferences, needs and tastes, but here are a few feel-good ideas to help you get started...

  • Turn off potential stressors 
    • choose a cut-off time for news, email and social media consumption
    • silence any other app notifications that might be stressing you out
  • Use lights to promote relaxation
    • dim the lights or switch to lower lighting in the evenings 
    • light candles – look for versions featuring your favorite scents
  • Play music 
    • play soft music in the background to create a mellow environment
    • find the perfect fit: experiment with genres like bossanova, classical and jazz
  • Unwind with a shower session
    • chill out with an at-home spa-shower experience - Don’t love your current shower space? It’s easy to swap our your showerhead to transform your daily shower routine into a self-care ritual 
  • Ritualize your facial cleansing routine 
    • enjoy a mindful skincare and self-care session before bed