Which Smart Shower is Right for You?

Which smart shower is right for you?

With so many smart shower products on the market, it can be tough to choose. Here’s a quick intro guide to remote-controlled showers, smart shower systems, smart shower heads and shower head speakers.

Remote-controlled showers 

  • Plumber needed: yes
  • Price range: $$$

Remote-controlled showers, like U by Moen, let you set your favorite temperature; notifications tell you when it’s time to step in. You can also use these remotes to turn the water on and off so you won’t waste water if your shower is delayed. These features can be great, but remote-controlled showers are expensive from the start – the equipment is pricey and you’ll need to hire a plumber (they’re tough to install). Remote-controlled showers are more appropriate for homeowners than renters because of how they need to be installed.

Smart shower systems

  • Plumber needed: no
  • Price range: $$

Other smart showers are more complex because their features go even further. For example, DTV+ Kohler® Konnect lets you control your shower via voice commands and it works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa. You can use the app to control lighting, water temperature, music, your home spa equipment and more. When it’s time to set it up, it’s a great idea to have a tech-savvy friend around!

Smart shower heads 

  • Plumber needed: no
  • Price range: $

If you want a smart shower head that doesn’t require a plumber, check out some easy-to-install designs. They’re great because they connect right onto your bathroom’s existing plumbing – there’s no need to break down walls or mess with piping. 

Our favorites in this category include the hai smart shower head, which comes in two designs: a standard 2.5-gallon flow and a low-flow, 1.8-gallon design. Using the same principles of hydroelectric dams, hai built embedded turbines that only require a shower’s running water to generate energy. 

This energy powers hai's customizable LED light indicators, water tracking capabilities, bluetooth connection to hai’s companion app, and over the air update technology for ongoing feature additions. This means hai showers will continue to get smarter and work harder with hardware and software updates overtime.

Shower head speakers 

  • Plumber needed: no
  • Price range: $-$$

There are lots of different shower head speakers on the market. Some need to be taken out of the shower to be charged like the popular Moxie® shower head speaker. If low-maintenance products work better for you, check out water-powered speakers as an alternative. They’re easier to care for because you don’t need to take them out. Shower head speakers work great for renters and homeowners alike.